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If your front-load washer is plagued with stale, musty odors (or worse), eventually your laundry will smell that way too. Washer Fan is offered as a way to solve your woes.

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Washer Fan

Washer Fan is the invention of Troy Broitzman and has a money-back guarantee that it will solve your front-load washer odor problem by continuously pushing fresh air into your washer. The Washer Fan is mounted over the vent on the rear of your washer.

When ordering, you select the fan kit that will fit your brand of front-load washer.

The Washer Fan kit must be installed by the homeowner. The kit contains:

  • Washer Fan™ - Type 1 or Type 2
  • Power supply 110-220v AC to 4.5v DC
  • 2 sheet metal screws (#8 x 1-7/8")
  • AC power splitter (multiple outlet three-prong plug)

Installation instructions can be copied and printed from the Washer Fan website. You must be able to access the back panel of your washer. You will need to read the directions carefully because some front-load washer models require the removal of the factory-installed vent cover. Since every washer has a slightly different vent configuration, the Washer Fan instructions will direct you as to how to align the fan and which sheet metal screw location to begin with to start the installation.

You will need a drill with a Phillips tip bit. If the sheet metal screws will not penetrate the back of the washer, you may need to use a small drill bit to pre-drill a starter hole after marking where the screw will go.

Once the screws have penetrated the sheet metal on the back of the washer, stop using the drill and hand-tighten the screws so you will not over-tighten. The Washer Fan just needs to fit securely - no wiggling - on the washer. If the screws are over-tightened, you will hear a rubbing sound from the fan and this can cause operational failure.

The power supply cord is then plugged into a wall outlet and connected to the Washer Fan. You must use the power supply cord supplied or the warranty is voided. The AC power splitter (3-outlet plug) is only necessary if you do not have an open outlet available.

Once the Washer Fan is installed and plugged in, it will run continuously - 24 hours a day. The fan will make a soft whirling sound that you should listen for. If you do not hear it, you must unplug the fan and access the back of your washer. The fan will not run if it is heavily coated with dust or lint. It should be cleaned with a vacuum brush but only when the fan is unplugged.

In order for the Washer Fan to be effective, you must have an air space of a few inches between the back of the washer and wall. You must also leave your washer's door slightly open when the machine is not in operation. The fan works by pulling fresh air from the laundry room through the washer drum and expels it through the washer door opening.

This version of the Washer Fan kit is no longer available on the company website. However, you can shop for the Washer Fan U or the Washer Fan U Premium Kit on their website. The Premium Kit is magnetic and does not require drilling into your washer.

Front Load Washer Odors

Many front-load washer owners use their washer for years with no problems with odors. Others find that the odors become overwhelming within just a month or two. There are many factors that contribute to the odor problems including overuse of detergents, high humidity in the laundry room and how often the washer is used.

Cleaning your front-load washer, increasing air circulation and reducing humidity in the laundry room are all crucial to keeping your washer and laundry odor free.

Product Review and Recommendations

My neighbor was willing to be my Washer Fan tester. He has a front-load washer and was experiencing odor problems. Cleaning with a commercial washer cleaner would help for a week or so and then the odor would come back. His washer was a couple of years old so he was willing to install the Washer Fan.

You should always check your warranty before altering the washer. Adding the Washer Fan could void your warranty on every component.

He was concerned about the fan running continuously but if it would solve the odor issue, it was worth it. After installation - about two days later - the washer and his laundry was odor free. Our biggest revelation was that the Washer Fan is basically a small cooling fan you can find in a desktop personal computer. But if you aren't familiar with computer parts, the Washer Fan may just solve your odor problem.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.