10 Washi Tape Ideas for Kids

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    Wonderful Washi Tape

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    Japanese tape - more commonly known as “washi tape” - has taken the DIY world by storm, spreading like wildfire across Pintrest boards and spawning seemingly endless projects and ideas by clever crafters everywhere.

    Want to join the fun? Get your hands on some tape, and get sticking with these 10 fabulous washi tape ideas for kids.

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    Washi Tape Car Track

    Have a case of Matchbox mania on your hands? Instead of shelling out for a big, expensive play table or a printed play rug, why not create your own car course using relatively inexpensive washi tape? You and your kiddo will get a kick out of creating and recreating your own little world together, and when your four-wheeled enthusiast trades in his toys, all you have to do is peel up the tape.

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    Washi Tape Doll House

    Photo via Poppinette.

    With a few rolls of washi tape and a little imagination you can transform a simple bookshelf, like this IKEA “Expedit” unit ($39.99), into a fun and creative accessory. You could even skip the books and create a whimsical play space for your little girl’s favorite dolls.

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    Washi Tape Monogram Art

    Photo via Lia Griffith.

    Simple yet sophisticated, this washi-tape monogram would make an elegant edition to any nursery. Using inexpensive card stock, trace and cut out your letters. Then cover each letter with strips of washi tape, allowing the tape to overlap the sides. Turning the letter over, carefully remove excess tape with a crafting knife. Mount to a second piece of cardstock, and frame.

    See the full tutorial here.

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    Washi Tape Frames

    Photo via House on the Way.

    A picture wall makes for a dramatic and deeply personal focal point for your little one’s room, but finding a large selection of varied and interesting frames can be more difficult than you’d think, especially if you’re working with a small budget. If you want to save yourself some legwork, call off the clearance hunt and buy an inexpensive box set of boring, black frames. Then use washi tape to create your own eclectic designs.

    Learn how here.

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    Washi Tape Table Top

    Photo via Life Sweet Life.

    Does this colorful little end table look familiar? If you’re into crafting, you’ve no doubt run into IKEA’s $7 Lack table before. Here, this inexpensive and highly versatile piece has been transformed using multi-colored strips of washi tape. Simply choose your favorite colors and patterns and stick away! You can easily fend off curious little fingers with a sheet of plexiglass (available at your local hardware store) or a quick coat of Mod Podge.

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    Washi Tape Chalkboard House

    Photo via Furious Shirley.

    Made from chalkboard contact paper and outlined with colorful washi tape, this clever little canvas can be decorated and redecorated to your child’s delight. Simply cut contact paper in the shape of a house. Then use washi tape to create individual rooms.

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    Washi Tape Wall Art

    Photo by Artoleria via Flickr, Creative Commons.

    This abstract take on a rustic design staple capitalizes on the recent trend featuring modern, arty animal busts. A clever touch of mixed media creates a three-dimensional effect, making the image seem to pop off the wall. Too cute!

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    Washi Tape Growth Chart

    Photo via Con Botas de Agua.

    This clever “tape” measure will help you keep track of your little wiggle monster’s growth - if you can catch them! All you need is a tape measure, a roll or two of washi, and a little patience.

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    Washi Tape Wall Mural

    Photo via Deserres.

    With a little help from a projector, you can create a fun and colorful washi tape silhouette of just about anything! First, project your chosen image onto the wall. Then cover the entire picture with strips of tape. Using a crafting knife, trim all excess tape outside of the image’s outline. Voila! A beautiful wall embellishment for a fraction of the cost of a large vinyl decal!

    See how it’s done here.

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    Washi Tape Hand print

    Photo via Live Beauty Full.

    This simple project is as easy as it is adorable! Trace your child’s hand onto a piece of cardstock. After cutting the hand print out, lay strips of washi tape across it, allowing the tape to overlap the sides. Turn the hand print over, and remove excess tape using a crating knife. Mount your finished piece onto an additional sheet of cardstock and frame.

    See full tutorial here.