Water and Wood Feng Shui Decor Elements

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The Water and Wood element combination is usually easy to work with because this is considered a nourishing combination in feng shui. So, if your birth element is Water and your partner's element is Wood, bringing harmony with good feng shui decor should not be too complicated.

But first, check this birth element chart to be sure that you have the right element info.

The energy of the Water feng shui element person nourishes and greatly supports the Wood element person (Water creates Wood in the productive cycle of five elements.)
In turn, the energy of Wood feng shui element person is strong and not overpowered by the Water (quite different from the Wood-Fire elements, for example), so this provides for an easy relationship to create a home for.

Importance of Wood

When things are out of balance, though, the Wood element person will tend to drain the energy from the Water person, so creating a good feng shui home for your specific elements should help bring harmony and joy into your relationship.
The best way to decorate a home for a couple with Wood and Water birth elements is to focus on strengthening it with the Water decor, as this is the element that strengthens both of you. 

Importance of Water

You need to strengthen the Water element, and not Wood because having too much Wood element decor can be tiring for a Water element person. By constantly nurturing, one can easily weaken or even temporarily lose the vibrancy of its own energy, so the Water element person in this scenario needs to be supported by appropriate feng shui Water element decor.

Be sure you have a good understanding of colors as expressions of specific feng shui elements, and popular decor items as feng shui element cures for your home. This will help you read many of the subtle messages coded in your home decor and you will know how to quickly change the energy in the desired direction.

Is there an element that you should diminish in your home? Yes, there is. A strong Fire element decor is not desirable for your combination. It is also wise to limit too much Metal element in your decor. Even though Metal element decor nourishes the Water person, it has a negative impact on the Wood person (Metal chops the Wood); so be mindful of these subtleties when you decorate your home.

While this sounds a bit complicated, it does get much easier as you start playing with good feng shui decorating! You will quickly understand how specific colors and shapes represent specific elements, and, most importantly, how they change the energy in any room.