Water Games and Pool Activities for Kids and Teens

Three boys (3-7) jumping in swimming pool.
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Water games to play with groups of teens at youth events, summer camps and pool parties. Balloon games, pool games, water relays and more water fun for teens.

  • Balloon Squat Relay
    Be sure all of your teen are ready to get their pants wet in this water game.
  • Beach Ball Relay Race
    Depending on the age and size of your teens, you may need to have a few extra beach balls for this water game in case one or two deflates.
  • Cannonball Competition
    Who can get the most splash out of a classic cannonball? Find out when you play this pool game.
  • Dolphin Relay Race
    Now here is a fun way to use your face.
  • Fill a Cup Relay
    How fast can your teen fill a cup using a sponge and a bucket of water that is at least 15 feet away? Your teen will know after they play this game.
  • Fill a Cup Relay 2
    Similar to the bucket and sponge water game above, but this one uses a bucket and spoon.
  • Ice Cube Melt Relay
    Prepare to get some very cold hands with this water game.
  • Jump Rope Water Splash
    Younger teens enjoy this game on a hot day and it doesn't take too much prep work.
  • Over the River
    Jumping, running and more can be added to this water game if you have active or sports oriented teens.
  • Over then Under Sponge Relay Race
    This is not a good water game to be wearing blue jean shorts. Just saying...
  • Plug the Leak Relay
    Can your teen plug a hole with their head while water is pouring out? I don't know, but it is fun to watch them try.
  • Poison Pool Toss
    Have a lot of energetic teens and a pool? Then this water game is the one you want to try.
  • Pool Game: Penny Toss Pool Game
    Got a jar of pennies to get rid of? find some 8-year-olds! Teens want at least nickles.
  • Raindrops Relay
    Is it really hot where you are? Try this sit down water game that doesn't take up too much energy.
  • Sponge Relay
    There is no staying dry if your teen's friends choose to play this game. Who wants to anyway?
  • Sponge Toss Relay Race
    I have found that basketball, baseball and softball players like playing this kind of water game.
  • Water Balloon Volleyball
    Fun water game for large groups. You don't even need a net!
  • Water Game: Duck Duck Splash
    This game is very funny of you sit everyone boy-girl-etc.
  • Water Game: Ice Cubes and Piggies
    You would be surprised at how long a teen boy will keep his foot in this cold water and win this water game to impress the girls. Someone should do a study - seriously.
  • Water Limbo
    Everyone gets wet with this fun game. Be sure teens are careful not to slip, as they tend to do during this water game.
  • Water War
    This water game works if you have a small party of 6 teens or a large party of fifty. Divide into groups and get wet!
  • Watermelon Relay Pool Game
    I love watermelon. It doubles as an activity and a snack here.
  • Wet Tshirt Relay
    These wet T-shirts go over the teens clothes, so as to not embarrass anyone playing or watching.

Tips for Playing Water Games with Older Kids and Teens

Often at teen parties there will be teens who do not want to play games. Always offer the game up for anyone who wants to play, but encourage them to do so. I’ve always found that a cool prize will entice an older child or teen to play. Here are some tips specific for water games with teens:

  1. If your are playing pool games, be sure all of the teens that are playing can swim.
  2. If your are playing pool games, be sure all of the teens have not been using drugs or drinking alcohol.
  3. If a teenage girl wants to sit out and does not want to swim, do not push her for a reason.
  4. Do not play water games right after eating. Right before a meal is served or a picnic is ready is a good time to play a few games and cool everyone off.
  5. Ask that the young ladies wear a tank top or t-shirt if they are wearing a bath suit top that looks like it may not make it through the game.