Gorgeous Kitchens With Waterfall Countertops

Brightly-lit kitchen with large white island and waterfall countertops

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

When it comes to kitchen design, no other feature feels as modern as a waterfall countertop. Unlike traditional toppers, which are flat slabs that sit on top of base cabinets or an island, waterfall countertops flow over the sides to the floor creating a seamless appearance. While most types are made of luxurious materials like marble or quartz, budget-friendly versions, which are equally beautiful, include butcher block or stainless steel. To whet your appetite for this kitchen trend, behold our favorite examples.

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    Blue Kitchen With a White Waterfall Countertop

    blue kitchen with waterfall countertop

    Studio McGee

    Mixing different color temperatures puts an inviting spin on this contemporary kitchen by Studio McGee. Blue cabinetry throws focus on the white quartz waterfall countertop. The wood features and brass accents warm up the mostly cooled toned space.

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    Stainless Steel Waterfall Countertop

    stainless steel waterfall countertop
    LineBox Studios

    There is a reason professional kitchens are decked out with stainless steel countertops. The material is practically indestructible and depending on where you live it can cost much less per square foot than both natural and engineered stone. In this sleek cooking space by interior design firm LineBox Studios, a stainless steel waterfall countertop combined with matching appliances solidifies the kitchen's sleek modern appearance. 

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    Butcher Block Waterfall Countertop

    Butcher block waterfall countertop
    Landis Construction

    The crowning jewel in this lively cooking space by Landis Construction is the walnut, butcher block waterfall countertop. It enhances the kitchen by providing more room to both cook and entertain at a fraction of the cost of natural or engineered stone. Wood also brings a natural richness and warmth that you do not get with marble or quartz. Here is a décor trick: Keeping the walls and upper cabinets white keep the cooking space from feeling dark or moody.

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    Modern Kitchen With Waterfall Countertop

    White quartz waterfall countertop in a modern kitchen
    Soda Pop Design

    The two must-have ingredients for any sleek modern kitchen are flat-front cabinetry and a quartz waterfall countertop as shown in this modern cooking space by Soda Pop Design. Dark features and interesting textures like the oven hood and backsplash keep the room from feeling sterile.

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    Kitchen Island With a Concrete Waterfall Countertop

    Concrete waterfall countertop in a kitchen with wood floors
    Linebox Studio

    The interior design firm, Linebox Studio made this kitchen the core of an open concept home. The cooking space was designed for entertaining allowing the home chef to work while interacting with six seated houseguests. The kitchen island features a concrete waterfall counter with built-in cutting boards, which quickly pop up for cleaning.

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    Transitional Kitchen With a Marble Waterfall Countertop

    Waterfall countertop with wood inlay
    Casey Sarkin Interior Design

    Transitional kitchens, like this gorgeous example by Casey Sarkin Interior Design, meld traditional elements with modern features. The marble waterfall countertop beautifully frames the farmhouse-inspired oak kitchen island. Classic gold fixtures from the lighting to faucet add visual warmth to the crisp, white cooking space.

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    Granite Waterfall Countertop

    White granite waterfall countertop with white plastic and wood barstool chairs

    Jessica Leigh Interiors

    Can't afford marble? In this kitchen by Jessica Leigh Interiors, a white granite waterfall countertop looks just a gorgeous as the more expensive stone. The gray kitchen cabinets and stone tile floor amplify the granite's lovely gray flecks and veins.

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    Showstopping Kitchen With Glossy Modern Features

    Marble waterfall countertop with storage and gold hardware

    Kate Coughlin Interiors

    Gorgeous glossy features are the highlights in this showstopping kitchen by Kate Coughlin Interiors. The marble waterfall countertop surrounds a stunning white lacquer island with beautiful bronze hardware. The striking veining shown on the counter and backsplash creates a dramatic effect that breaks up the white space.

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    Leathered Granite Waterfall Countertop

    Black waterfall countertop in a hexagon tile and wood floor kitchen
    Suzann Kletzien

    A leathered granite waterfall countertop sits front and center in this unique kitchen by interior designer Suzann Kletzien. Its dark gray color lends contrast to the white and light gray kitchen.

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    Monochromatic Kitchen With a Quartz Waterfall Countertop

    quartz waterfall countertop
    Soda Pop Design

    Sticking to a monochromatic color scheme can instantly make any kitchen feel modern. In this cooking space by Soda Pop Design, various features in light gray, including a quartz waterfall countertop, set a chic tone. The leopard print counter stools break things up a bit with a pop of whimsical pattern.

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    Waterfall Countertop to Display Natural Stone

    A dramatic black stone waterfall countertop
    David Dalton

    A waterfall countertop provides the ideal opportunity to show off the natural patterns of a stone slab. The black marble waterfall counter in this spectacular kitchen by interior designer David Dalton does just that. It was constructed from one humongous chunk of stone that was seamlessly cut for a dramatic effect. While the island is the main focal point, additional black accents including the oven hood and cabinetry draw the eyes around the cooking space.

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    Calcutta Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island

    marble waterfall countertop
    Oxbow and Olin Design Studio

    A crisp white cooking space creates the perfect clean slate for a home chef. Here Oxbow and Olin Design Studio installed a Calcutta quartz waterfall kitchen island. While the material looks just like marble, it is considered more durable, because it is nonporous, unlike natural stone which is prone to staining. Light gray accents shown throughout the kitchen such as the backsplash and swivel counter stools match the veins in the countertop while drawing the eyes around the room to make it feel bigger and airy.