10 Watermelon Crochet Patterns

Summertime Patterns for National Watermelon Day

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day, but we celebrate this juicy fruit all summer long. Watermelon is such a great fruit for hot weather, since it is rich in water and so refreshing! It's also a cute source of inspiration for some really adorable crochet patterns including the ten watermelon crochet patterns featured here.

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    Little Watermelon Crochet Dress Pattern
    Little Watermelon Crochet Dress Pattern. Julie Lapalme

    This kids' crochet dress pattern is my favorite watermelon-inspired crochet pattern. I especially love how the little pleat designs on the skirt look like watermelon wedges! This crochet pattern by Julie Lapalme of Little Squirrel Designs is available for sale through Ravelry.

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    Crochet Watermelon Sun Hat Pattern
    Crochet Watermelon Sun Hat Pattern. Sarah, Repeat Crafter Me

    This free crochet pattern from Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me will make your little one look super cute for summer. It's not just a kids' crochet pattern, though; you'll find size options from newborn through adult.

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    Crochet Watermelon Baby Cocoon
    Crochet Watermelon Baby Cocoon. Danyel Pink

    Here's one that is just for babies - a cute little baby cocoon to make your little one look like a summer-y treat. Great for a summer photo prop or just for keeping baby cozy on cool summer evenings. This crochet pattern by Danyel Pink is sold on Ravelry.

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    Crochet Watermelon Scarf
    Crochet Watermelon Scarf. Xasper8ing, Etsy

    Keep yourself cozy on those chilly summer evenings as well with this crochet watermelon slice scarf pattern. Wonderful, creative design! It's sold on Etsy by Xasper8ing.

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    Watermelon Slice Crochet Potholder
    Watermelon Slice Crochet Potholder. Christina Michel

    Christina Michel shares the free crochet pattern for this watermelon-inspired potholder through Ravelry.

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    Watermelon Crochet Coin Purse
    Watermelon Crochet Coin Purse. Fabiana Canu

    Accessorize any fun summer outfit with this cute crochet coin purse shaped like a watermelon slice. A great gift for tweens as well! This is a free Ravelry download pattern from Fabiana Canu.

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    Watermelon Crochet Rag Rug
    Watermelon Crochet Rag Rug. Elecia Cooper

    This free crochet rag rug pattern by Elecia Cooper looks just like a little watermelon slice. Great for your kitchen floor or perhaps even a bathroom or a kid's room. It's intended to be worked with strips of upcycled fabric but you could also use t-shirt yarn in the right color scheme to create a soft crochet watermelon rug.

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    Crochet Watermelon Coasters
    Crochet Watermelon Coasters. Ashley Ziman of Create Crochet

    Ashley Ziman of Create Crochet gives us this free crochet pattern for cute watermelon-inspired crochet coasters. These make a great addition to any summer picnic or party. You could make watermelon punch to go along with your watermelon coasters! Work the same crochet pattern using a larger yarn and hook (perhaps even multi-stranded yarn) and you could create a set of placemats to match the coasters.

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    Crochet Watermelon Wedge
    Crochet Watermelon Wedge. Chi-Sze

    This free Ravelry crochet pattern by Chi-Sze is for an amigurumi-style wedge of watermelon. You can use it for decor or as part of a child's food playset.

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    Watermelon Crochet Wreath
    Watermelon Crochet Wreath. Joy M. Prescott

    If you really love watermelons then you can celebrate by making a wreath that looks like one! If you happen to have a watermelon-themed party or room design then this is a perfect addition. It can also make a good summertime gift. This crochet pattern by Joy M. Prescott is available for sale on Ravelry.