Playful, Wavy 3D Panels Enliven Your Drop-Grid or Suspended Ceiling

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    Put These 3D Panels in Your Drop Ceiling Grid for a Startlingly Modern Look

    USG Billo Ceiling Panels

    If you're slacking off at work right now―and you are, just admit it―take a moment to look up. Behold the modern corporate office ceiling. It's a suspended metal gridwork fitted with acoustic drop-in tiles, and it's just about the most boring thing you can imagine.  

    Would you consider installing a drop ceiling in your home? With such a dull range of drop panels to choose from, of course not.

    What if we tweaked it a bit? We keep the suspended grid but change out the tiles for something more unique, attractive, modernly textured.

    You have now entered the new world of drop ceiling tiles. Designers and manufacturers have lately been forming the panels into fun shapes with deep impressions that stand out dramatically.

    Call them 3D tiles, textured tiles, designer, artisan―they all fall under the general area of decorative ceiling tiles, and they are cousins to a similar product, 3D textured wall panels.

    Shown here are Billo panels from USG are 2'x2' pre-formed polycarbonate. Translucent, they allow for lights to be installed above them. And they can be installed up or down to create waves.

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    Ceilume Textured Ceiling Panels

    Ceilume Textured Ceiling Panels

    Ceilume is a rarity in the world of drop ceiling panels because it has a human touch.  Their quirky and personal website displays a wide spectrum of panels, from the usual straight-down-the-middle offerings on up to real eye-catchers, like Roman Circle (you'll see that one next), Dart, Convex, and the one shown here Polyline.

    To get these fantastic shapes, Ceilume makes them out of 40% post-consumer recycled thermoformed plastic. They are paintable, but first, consider purchasing in one of Ceilume's 7 colors (plus clear) before breaking out that spray gun.

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    Drop Ceiling for a Home Theater or Home Studio

    Roman Circle Drop Ceiling Tiles

    It's the rare homeowner who installs a drop ceiling all throughout his or her property. While you do find this in commercial spaces, it's not often found in homes.

    More likely, the drop ceiling will go in a special room or two. Like:

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    Create Waves: USG's Topo Series of Suspended Ceiling Panels

    USG Topo Ceiling Panels

    You need ceiling height for this one―USG recommends 9' high or greater―but if you've got it here's an eye-catching idea: install these USG Topo brand suspended ceiling panels.

    Topo is aptly named because it creates amazing topographies not on the ground, where you usually expect it, but up in the sky:  your home's indoor sky.

    Each panel is 2' x 2' and weighs a mere half-pound, so it lifts easily. Note that these are suspended panels, not drop-grid panels.

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    Foldable Paper 3D Ceiling Panels

    MioCulture FoldScapes Ceiling Tiles

    Mio Culture FoldScapes fit into any suspended/drop ceiling frame. Designed by Jamie Saim, they are made of recycled cardboard and ship to you flat. Once you get them, you fold them and drop them into the framework.

    Unfortunately, FoldScapes are crazy expensive, coming in at 98 dollars-a-square-foot on

    When we input the dimension of one room in our house (12' x 15'), we are given the price of $17,640.

    Such is the price of style and coolness.