Lark Manor Leigh Rolled Arm Loveseat Review

A comfortable loveseat with classic looks and modern convenience

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Lark Manor Leigh Rolled Arm Reclining Loveseat

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Doug Reclining Loveseat

 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

What We Like
  • Numerous upholstery options

  • Plush, comfortable cushions and pillows

  • Recline design works in small spaces

What We Don't Like
  • Location of recline buttons and USB ports

  • Poor labeling of upholstery samples

  • Lack of availability of upholstery samples

The Lark Manor Leigh Rolled Arm Loveseat has a classic look and modern comfort, but the location of the USB ports can be a problem.


Lark Manor Leigh Rolled Arm Reclining Loveseat

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Doug Reclining Loveseat

 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

We purchased Lark Manor's Leigh Rolled Arm Loveseat so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Everyone needs a place to unwind and relax. Loveseats, the shorter, more compact version of a sofa, fit small spaces while adding seating, comfort, and luxury to your home. The Lark Manor Leigh Rolled Arm Loveseat has a classic appeal with modern conveniences and an abundance of custom upholstery options. Reclining loveseats literally let you put your feet up, but you have to be sure they fit within your available space when fully reclined. Then, of course, there’s the durability and ease of cleaning the fabric to think about, too. The Leigh Rolled Arm Loveseat had great potential, so we put it to the test. Read on to get our take on the upholstery, design, and other important features.

Design: Classy with one issue

Everything about the Leigh Loveseat says classy. The shaped legs, rolled arms, and plush, medium-firm cushions would fit in most classic and contemporary homes. The two included toss pillows make it look (and feel) inviting, too. 

We didn’t know until after the Leight Loveseat arrived that the back does not recline. The footrests extend, taking the total width to 59 inches. That worked great for us since we put it in a 16-foot by 16-foot bedroom with somewhat limited space. Even with the footrests extended, it hugged the wall and didn’t disturb the room’s traffic pattern

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Doug Reclining Loveseat
The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash 

Buttons located on the inside of the loveseat’s armrests control the electric footrests. Both of the control panels also include a built-in USB port. We loved the convenience of another place to charge devices. However, the location isn’t ideal. When a device is plugged in, the cord points towards the seat, which means you have to be careful not to bump it. 

As far as function, it would have worked better to have both the buttons and USB ports on the armrest's exterior. But for the sake of appearance, the hidden buttons and ports maintain the loveseat's classy aesthetic. It is also hard to tell that this is a reclining loveseat just by looking at it. We placed the pillows against the armrests, completely hiding the control panels. If you’d like to hide the fact that you like to put your feet up, this is the loveseat for you. 

Comfort: Medium-firm feel but plush and luxurious

The pillows and cushions of the Leigh Loveseat have a medium-firm feel, but they have a plushness that’s comfortable even after sitting for a couple of hours. We used this loveseat to lounge while reading, taking a nap, and even working from home. Sometimes we used the toss pillows as added back support, but other than that, it was incredibly comfortable no matter how long we sat on it. 

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Doug Reclining Loveseat
The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash 

The footrests raise slowly, like really slowly. We didn’t have a problem with that, but if the footrests are extended, you won’t be able to hop right off to answer the door. But they reached a comfortable height and length that worked for both our testers, one who was 5 feet, 4 inches, and the other who was 5 feet, 11 inches. 

Upholstery: Plethora of options, but some flaws in the samples

Wayfair provides over 100 fabric options for this loveseat. With that many choices, it wasn't easy to decide, but you can order up to three free samples at a time. 

However, we experienced some issues with the samples, such as only a small fraction of the upholstery choices were available. Many of those samples turned out not to be available, but we didn’t find that out until after we’d chosen them and entered the checkout process. Then, we had to start all over again.

Once we picked the ones we liked, it took one to two weeks to receive the samples by mail. In total, we ordered nine samples, so it took several weeks to get all of the samples for comparison. Once we made our selection, some of the samples (the Sunbrella fabrics) were labeled with numerical codes rather than the upholstery names listed on the website and our order receipt.  

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Doug Reclining Loveseat
The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash 

We were trying to decide between two Sunbrella fabrics and made our best guess about which sample coordinated with the fabric names on our order. We guessed wrong and received a loveseat covered in our second choice fabric. 

As frustrating as it was to have to use deduction and guesswork, we loved the Sunbrella Canvas Flax upholstery we received. We wanted a durable fabric that’s relatively easy to clean, and the Sunbrella, thus far, has held up to those needs.

Price: High price for the perfect upholstery

The Leigh Loveseat comes with a high price tag. However, the built-in USB ports and quality of the fabric and cushions, not to mention the fact that you’ve got such a wide range of choices, add significant value. If you want custom upholstery, classic design, and modern convenience, the Doug Loveseat won’t disappoint but be prepared to pay for it.

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Doug Reclining Loveseat
 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

Competition: Affordable but missing the quality and luxury

Home Elegance Double Glider Reclining Loveseat: A lower price, fully reclining, gliding, and built-in center storage sets this loveseat (view on Amazon) apart from the Doug Loveseat. If theater seats are more your style, this might be the loveseat for your home. However, you won’t get the quality or classic looks of the Doug Loveseat.  

Divano Roma Furniture Classic Reclining Loveseat: Bonded leather and lever-action recline make this loveseat (view on Amazon) far more affordable than the Doug. However, you’re giving up custom upholstery, built-in USB ports, and a classic look and feel. 

Final Verdict

Yes, if style and convenience features top your must-have list.

The Leigh Loveseat comes with a hefty price that’s equal to that of many full-size sofas. However, it makes up for it in design, comfort, and the convenience of built-in USB ports. If those features are important to you, it’s worth the investment.


  • Product Name Leigh Rolled Arm Reclining Loveseat
  • Product Brand Lark Manor
  • SKU CSTM2281
  • Price $1,204.00
  • Weight 188 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 67 x 33 x 41 in.
  • Color Wide variety
  • Warranty Limited lifetime warranty on frame and springs, 5-year warranty on cushions, 1-year warranty on fabric and labor