Boring No More: 18 Ways Colorful Grout Spices up Dull White Tile

Kitchen counter with turquoise grout on white subway tile, with two orange barstools
British Ceramic Tile

There's no doubt that ceramic tile is a practical material that stands up to dirt and moisture. The problem is, the affordable builder grade stuff isn't very exciting. So, how can you make tiles like these Instagram-worthy? Two words: Colorful grout. It's a cheap and stylish idea that adds personality to a boring tile backsplash or floor.

We found 18 vibrant examples that share what you need to know about bold grout colors.

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    Tip: Glitter Grout is a Thing

    Books, flower vase, and fruit bowl on kitchen counter with white subway tile and blue sparkle grout

    Looking to add a little bling to your next tiling project? Mommy blogger, Albion Gould gave her subway tile backsplash some serious sparkle using glitter grout — yep, it's a thing.

    Stainmaster Glamour Grout provided the glitz. It's available in 12 eye-popping shades and three different glitter finishes. 

    Gould chose sapphire blue as her base color and for extra glitz went with a gold shimmer finish. She loves how the sparkly grout makes her new backsplash stand out. Here's her dazzlingly tutorial.

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    Idea: Sprinkle More Glitter

    Black hexgaon tiles with blue sparkle grout

    We just had to share how glitter grout can glamorize black and gray tile like this hexagon mosaic.

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    Tip: How to Paint Your Grout

    Hand painting orange grout with fine brush
    Effortless Style Interiors

    Camila from Effortless Style Interiors gave her dated fireplace hearth a 21 Century makeover using white tile. Afterward, she spiced up the Moroccan-inspired mosaic with a few licks of colorful sealer called Grout Shield.

    When applied, the product creates a barrier that makes grout both stain and mold resistant. One eight-ounce bottle, which covers up to 250 square feet costs $20. Even better, the sealer can be customized to match any paint chip or grout color from a leading manufacturer. Camila chose "electric orange" a vibrant shade by Benjamin Moore. 

    You'll see the finished project on the next page.

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    Idea: Orange Grout is Pinterest Pretty

    Fireplace with orange grout and white tile hearth

    The orange grout gave this hearth a colorful pop of personality. Here are more photos of Camila's project.

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    Tip: Way Cheaper Than Subway Tile

    Pink tiled apartment entryway with orange door

    In many stylish Scandinavian homes, square builder grade tile is a decor staple that's not just for bathrooms and kitchens. The entryway in this Swedish apartment combines red grout with ceramic tile to achieve an attention-getting entrance that's a snap to keep clean.

    Here in the states, you'll find square tiles like these in a variety of colors at most home improvement stores for less than two bucks per square foot.

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    Idea: How to Refresh a Classic

    Kitchen counter with turquoise grout on white subway tile, with two orange barstools
    British Ceramic Tile

    White subway tile is a timeless classic. However, that doesn't mean you can't perk it up with a bright grout color like turquoise. It's an unexpected shade that will refresh this home decorating staple. 

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    Tip: Can't Commit to an Eye-Popping Color?

    Black circular tiles with neutral brown grout
    via Home Depot Blog

    If bright, intense colors leave you feeling chromophobic, consider using grout in a bold, neutral shade. To make this trick work, pick an energizing hue that adds dramatic contrast. Say, saddle brown grout with black tile.

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    Idea: Go for Gold

    Traditional white kitchen with gold grout and colorful crockery

    How do you take a white backsplash to the next level? Interior designer, Daniela Johnston used gold grout to add a pinch of glam to this traditional kitchen. You can view more photos of this Austin, Texas home.

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    Tip: Freshen Grout Using House Paint

    White bathroom floor with a plate of yellow paint grout and foam brush

    Carmel From Our Sixth House (formerly known as Our Fifth House) spruced up an old, tile floor in her basement bathroom using yellow house paint.

    To do, apply a thin coat of paint on each grout line. Use a rag to wipe away any excess or drips. As the paint dries, it will soak into the grout.

    FYI, if you're looking to makeover a high traffic floor or shower backsplash, use this stuff instead.

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    Idea: Cheap and Stylish

    Plain white bathroom with pink grout and white tiles on the wall
    MA House / PYO Architects Imagen Subliminal

    What do you get when you pair cheap wall tile with an electrifying grout color? In this instance, a clean, bright and stylish bathroom.

    See how colorful grout combined with builder grade tile renewed other rooms in this modern Madrid apartment.

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    Tip: Colorful Grout Recipe

    White honeycomb tile with blue grout

    Hey, penny pincher! 

    You can make colorful grout for cheap. Becky from Flipping the Flip shares her recipe. 

    While mixing up a 2.5-pound box of unsanded grout, she stirred in an eight-ounce bottle of acrylic paint. You can use any color you want. She picked periwinkle blue. If you're trying to achieve a dark shade you may need extra paint.

    The grout mix and paint both cost around $3.00, bringing this project's total to six bucks.  Here's Becky's tutorial.

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    Idea: Cheerful Shower Stall

    Bathroom shower with white tile and green grout, and multi-colored towel holders

    Lime green grout gives this shower backsplash a lemon fresh appearance. 

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    Tip: Create Harmony With Color

    Round rainbow tile on bathtub wall with a rubber duck in front

    How do you select the best grout color for a multihued tiling project? You can't go wrong with a soft, harmonious shade. For example, the baby blue grout used here creates a lovely backdrop for the colorful penny round mosaic.

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    Idea: Yellow Forever

    Bathroom and mirror with an accent yellow tiled wall, and white tiled walls with yellow grout

    Yellow is one of those room brightening colors that often gets overlooked. The sunshiny tile and grout shared here create a welcoming bathroom.

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    Tip: Lay it on Thick

    On the left, thick gold grout on white cracked tile. On the right, sink with faucet and pink soap
    Photos via

    If that dull, white tile floor or wall in your home bores you to tears, here's how you can give it a bold urban look.

    Lay on a thick coat of grout paint. Is the tile cracked? Fill it with grout in a daring shade like navy blue or shimmery gold. Whichever color you choose, it will make builder grade tile feel edgy and modern.

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    Idea: Chic and Unique

    Bathroom set of two mirrors and sinks with mustard grout
    Jamie’s Italian

    Think bright colored grout looks childish? The mustard shade shown in this retro-inspired bathroom packs a crisp and elegant touch.

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    Tip: Refresh Earthy Tile

    Natural square stone tiles with turquoise grout

    Tile in earthy shades can also feel meh after a while. When that's the case, an unexpected pop of color will give a natural or faux stone floor great pizzazz. We love how the turquoise grout punctuates this Tuscan-inspired mosaic.

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    Idea: Silver Adds Beauty

    Wall decor with silver grout and white tile behind a brown sideboard cabinet

    Silver grout may seem subtle but it's a cool shade that makes uniquely shaped white tile sing, like this unique ceramic tile found at Modwalls.

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