10 Ways to Decorate With Pantone's Color of the Year 2017 - Greenery

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    Introducing Greenery the Pantone 2017 Color of the Year

    Decora Daladier Kitchen - MasterBrands

    The interior design, fashion, and beauty, industries look forward to Pantone's Color of the Year announcement every December. Though you won't see the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year in stores right away, you can make plans now to incorporate it into your space. 

    Greenery, Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year is a bright and natural green that is inspired by nature and renewal. The freshness of Greenery represents the hope of a fresh start. In decorating, you can use an energetic color like Pantone's Greenery as a bold accent wall or other architectural feature. Decora Daladier Cabinets shows a totally creative use for a bold green accent color as a sliding barn door of this gorgeous white kitchen. Doors, accent walls, and painted furniture are perfect ways to use a trendy accent color.

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    Behr's Take on the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

    Behr New Shoot - Living Room Color Idea

    Most paint companies offer a color that is a perfect match to Pantone's Color of the Year. If you can't find an exact match, you can still find a refreshing green paint color that may work in your own home by sampling similar colors.

    Behr color expert Erika Woelfel recommends New Shoot T14-18 as a perfect Pantone match: "Over the past few months, we’ve seen the green family move towards more luscious and verdant greens, which call to mind rainforest foliage and parrot plumage. A vivacious yellow-green like Greenery or New Shoot is the perfect hue for any space that needs an instant jolt of energy or where you find yourself needing a touch of nature, inspiration, and renewal. I would suggest using it on the walls of a bathroom, as decorative accents—pillows, plant life and abstract art—in living rooms or kitchens, or on your front door to create an encouraging, welcoming environment for guests."

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    Use Greenery as Your Inspiration to Find the Perfect Green

    Benjamin Moore Napa Vineyards
    ©Benjamin Moore

    The Pantone Color of the Year is meant as inspiration and direction to fashion, graphic design, and housewares industries. Pantone's Greenery can inspire you to find the perfect green for your home in 2017. With the idea of a fresh and natural green accent color in your mind, you'll find so many options with paint color, accessories, and furnishings. What you won't find is a paint color in the stores with the Pantone Greenery name. Using the vibe of Greenery, you can discover a new color for your home by sampling similar paint colors. 

    Benjamin Moore's Napa Vineyards is a natural green paint color with the vibrancy of Pantone's Greenery. Because this is a strong color,  you'll want to use it as an accent wall or on a painted furniture piece. Napa Vineyards, like Pantone's Greenery, has a touch of yellow undertone making it a warm green. You can easily pair warm green with warm neutrals like beige, dark brown, and off-white, to create a relaxing space.

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    Refresh Your Guest Room With Pantone's Greenery

    Birch Lane Twin Headboard
    ©Birch Lane

    Guest bedrooms are so much fun to decorate because they aren't used every day. This is the best chance to try out a new color or indulge yourself with a color that is too vibrant for your everyday rooms. Adding Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year to your guest room can be as easy as choosing a pair of the Samson Twin Headboards from Birch Lane.

    Twin beds are a smart choice for guest rooms because they offer so much flexibility. Two twin upholstered headboards like these can be paired up next to each other for one big bed, or separated for separate sleeping spaces. The vibrant green of the Samson headboard is a stylish base for adding color to your guest room without having to repaint any walls. Pair pretty twin headboards with simple end tables and lamps and your guest room is ready! 

    Simple artwork is another quick way to try out a new accent color in your guest room, even if you are not sure if it works with your existing colors. The beautiful thing about adding artwork as a color accent is that you can move it from room to room until you find the perfect spot.

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    Have Fun With Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year

    A & B Home Venetucci Collection Accent Chair

    The gorgeous Venetucci Accent Chair from Bellacor mixes a pretty bright green with medium blue for a whimsical chair. To brighten up your dining room, choose a set of four special chairs like these, or add one or two as an accent to a living room that needs more color. 

    If you love DIY, painting furniture and bookshelves in colors like Pantone's Greenery is a simple project that can add a lot of sparkle to your decor. Sometimes all your space needs is a new accent color or ​focal piece, like a pretty painted chair or chest. The more unique your DIY project is, the less you need to be concerned with how it will coordinate with your other furnishings because it will truly be an accent piece. 

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    Pantone's Greenery is a Naturally Luxurious Color

    Flaneur Custom Color Bedding

    Green is considered a luxurious color, and it's also a natural for designing a soothing retreat at home. The gorgeous Flaneur Custom Color Sateen Sheets matched to Pantone's Greenery, can be a focal point as an accent color because of its vibrancy. 

    Flaneur color experts say: "If you’re more of a minimalist, don't disregard 'Greenery' right away. With dark colored walls, decor or duvets, 'Greenery' can be layered in as a minimal accent color. Consider adding extra pillowcases or layering a second top sheet in the accent color for a modern, layered bedding look."

    Surrounded by soothing neutral colors and minimalist furnishings, Pantone's Greenery becomes as fresh and effortless as spring grass. Any bold color can be tamed into a soothing palette if it's used as an accent and paired with neutral colors.

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    Go Big With Pantone's Greenery-Inspired Furniture

    Three Posts Huntingdon Loveseat - Wayfair

    If you have fallen in love with Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, you may want to go big with it by buying a statement piece of furniture like the Three Posts Huntingdon Love Seat from Wayfair.com. One great upholstered furniture piece creates a stunning focal point that makes decorating the entire space much easier. Greenery pairs surprisingly well with other colors, but looks especially pretty with accents of black and white. 

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    Use Rugs to Bring Pantone's Greenery Home

    AllModern Green Area Rug

    Trying out a new color like Pantone's Greenery can be as easy as adding a new rug or throw pillows. Look for patterns and prints that incorporate the colors you already have, but with a touch of your new color.  A new rug is a versatile choice for adding a new accent color because of its size. A pattern distributes the new accent color around a large area so that you don't have to sprinkle it around the room, as you would with a vase or lamp. AllModern's Bay Island Home Gaona Rug is a stylish choice for adding a pop of Pantone's Greenery to your space and can fit into many different styles of decorating. 

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    Patterned Accessories are an Easy Way to Experiment With a New Color

    Shades of Light - Suzani Drum Lampshade
    ©Shades of Light

    If you'd love to add a pop of Pantone's Greenery, or another bold color, using patterned accessories is the perfect plan. The Shades of Light Suzani Drum Shade has a bold hit of fresh green color in a trendy pattern. Changing your lamp shades or linens requires very little commitment, but can change the look of your space. One you decorate with your new accessory, be sure to find a few more spots around the room where you can add a one or two more pops of your new color.