5 Ways To Add Black In Your Bathroom

Why use black in the bathroom? 

Black is a serious yet elegant color that adds strength, stability and striking style to any room. But in smaller spaces like a bathroom, it can be tricky to use. Black can easily eat up all the light in a room and make it seem overly gloomy, even gothic.

But it doesn't have to be. Black can be used beautifully in any room, including the bathroom. Let's have a look at a few techniques and ideas for adding bold, beautiful black in your bathroom or powder room space.

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    Keep it light

    black bathroom ideas
    Studio McGee/Instagram

    One way to use black in a bathroom without overwhelming the space is to use black in details and contrasting elements, and not as a a main color.

    This example by Studio McGee shows how you can have black in smaller touches and yet keep its wonderfully elegant look.  

    The trick here is to balance the amount of black and white more or less equally. The wallpaper does this by itself, but note how the bottom half of the wall balances the dark tile of the floor. 

    The designer kept the rest simple: minimal pedestal sink, simple mirror with a black frame, and a simple hanging light with a black shade. A touch of brass finishes the look for some brightness and color.

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    Add interesting details

    black bathroom ideas
    Amber Interiors/Bloglovin'

    Sometimes the trick with using black is to add interesting, colorful details to avoid potential gloominess. 

    This example from Amber Interiors shows you exactly how to do this: by making the black a part of a more ethnic design.

    There's no gloominess in this elegant bathroom because of the interesting wallpaper pattern and the colorful accessories on the floor: the wicker baskets and the rug. 

    It all comes together via the black and white tile and the white hanging sink. By keeping things open and unencumbered, you can keep the black from looking claustrophobic.

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    Make it super elegant

    black bathroom inspiration
    Tempo da delicadeza

    Black is the color of elegance---there's no doubt about that. So when you think of a black bathroom, try to imagine it as you would an elegant formal black dress. How would you accessorize it? What does the outfit need to be truly outstanding, and just not another little black dress?

    Think of your bathroom hardware as the jewelry (as you can see in this example from Tempo da delicadeza) and put it at the forefront of your design. The rose gold for this hardware stands out against the black of the bathroom to make it a truly elegant space. The modern minimalist shapes really bring out these features.

    Remember that when it comes to black, less is often better. A few areas with white to contrast with the darkness and a jewel-like feature will transform something potentially boring into a classy, elegant space.

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    Enhance the lighting

    black bathroom inspiration
    Splendid Habitat/Domino.com

    In this small yet beautifully designed powder room, you can see how focusing on enhancing the lighting can help make the predominant black almost airy.

    The trick to this elegant yet welcoming space resides in the contrasting white ceiling, the strong light fixtures, and the open area under the sink (instead of a vanity). 

    The collage of art in golden and red tones also help make this bathroom something quirky yet beautiful. It has lots of personal touches, and is a great example of how you can get away with black even in the smallest spaces.

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    Just commit to black

    black bathroom inspiration
    Catchpole & Rye Bathrooms/Pinterest

    Sometimes, though, you just want to commit to black. And that can work beautifully.

    This wonderfully elegant yet understated black bathroom by Catchpole & Rye is the perfect example of a design that isn't afraid to embrace the masculine strength of black.

    But even that is contrasted with a wispy bouquet  of white flowers, see-through accessories on the windowsill, and brass accents on the hardware.

    The floor tile also opens up the look by providing some lightness against the black walls. But in the end, what we have here is a bathroom that's fully committed to using beautiful black as its defining feature.

Black is always fashionable

There's a reason why the little black dress is a fashion classic: because it suits any occasion. A black bathroom is both a daring and a classic choice: few people dare it, but when it's done well, you can't imagine it being any other way.