10 Ways to Be Organized for School

I have to admit, I have always loved Back to School time. Even when I was in the throes of high school (the time when most kids start to loathe going to school), I looked forward to every aspect of going back: clothes, sports, new teachers, friends, and new topics. The only exception was homework... And one particularly frightening chemistry teacher.

Below I've collected some great links to help you and your entire household be organized for school.

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    Be Organized for School with Better Home Organization

    Get Organized for School
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    If you had the time, it'd be ideal to organize everything in your home before school starts. Instead, let's focus on the activities that will get you the most bang for your buck.

    1. Clothes: An organized closet will make the whole getting-dressed-in-the-morning process run a lot more smoothly.
    2. Shoes: Having an organization and storage scheme in place ahead time means you are less likely to end up with piles all over your house in mid-September.
    3. Kitchen Cabinets & Kitchen Pantry: After...MORE school snacks and weeknight dinners will be quicker to throw together when you know where everything in your kitchen is stored and what food you have on hand.

    Even Better? Follow the Weekly Organizing Routine.

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    Be Organized for School Meal Planning

    Spice Jar with Chalkboard from Crate and Barrel
    Spice Jar with Chalkboard from Crate and Barrel. Photo / Crate and Barrel

    If you are not already in the habit of planning meals in advance, this may be a good time to refresh and renew your meal planning (or lack there of) and grocery shopping habits. The beginning if the school year is a chance for a fresh starts, so a good time to form new organizing habits.

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    Be Organized for School Tips

    Off to college Off to university diary.
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    Whether you're new, or an old pro, a few tips and tricks for organizing yourself or your kids for school are always welcome. In School Tips, we hear from teachers, administrators and fellow parents and students with their tips for being organized for school:

    • School Tips for All Students
    • Tips for Parents of Young Students
    • Tips for College Students
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    Be Organized for School Lunches & Snacks

    Pyrex Set. Photo / Pyrex

    I vividly remember the anticipation in the halls of Duffy Elementary School on French Bread Pizzas days. I always bought lunch on those days, and I think the majority of my classmastes did, too.

    Typically my Mom packed us lunch or my brother and I packed our own. Homemade lunches really are optimal for kid's health even though it may be faster to buy a school lunch.  Here are a few resources to make preparing lunches a bit easier. 


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    Be Organized for School Supplies

    White & Platinum elfa Office Shelving & Desk
    White & Platinum elfa Office Shelving & Desk. Photo / The Container Store

    Shopping for back to school supplies is a must-do this time of year:

    1. Look for a note from the school with a list of supplies your child will need. 
    2. Next, take stock of which supplies your child did and didn't use last year. Example: If they used pencils but no pens, buy more pencils.
    3. Create a shopping list before you go with flexibility for 1 impulse purchase chosen by your child. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about sticking to a plan and making choices.  


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    Be Organized for School Fashion

    Organize Your Closet
    Organize Your Closet. Photo / Domino Magazine

    To me, back to school clothes always signaled fall clothes. In my ultra-preppy Connecticut town that meant corduroys, a shetland sweater and a jean jacket, and I would insist on wearing these the first day of school, even if the temperatures were well into the 80's or 90's. Here are some resources to get your kids into more appropriate back-to-school attire.


    • Best Backpacks
    • Back to School Clothes for Girls
    • Back to School Clothes for Boys
    • DIY Back to School Fashion
    • The Perfect Back To...MORE School Men's Outfit
    • What to Wear on the First Day of School


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    Be Organized for School Productively

    Martha Stewart desk
    Martha Stewart desk. Photo / Martha Stewart

    Going back to school isn't just a major shift in a child's life, it affects the entire family. Think about the changes in your schedule, and the need for better time management around the house that result from having to be at school on time with homework in hand every day.


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    Be Organized for School Study Skills

    task management on a pin board
    Examples of task management on a pin board. Photo / Simplicity Works

    People learn in varying styles, but strong study habits are essential whether you learn visually, by listening, or with a more hands-on approach. Get your kids ready to hit the books by helping them focus on forming good habits -- most notably reading comprehension and note taking which will serve them well across a variety of subjects. 


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    Be Organized for School for Pets

    Puppies!. Photo / Getty Images

    Let's not forget about our furry friends. It may be very jarring for pets who have been surrounded by your family all summer to suddenly be left in a quiet house.


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    Be Organized for School at Every Age

    Pottery Barn Bedford Corner Desk Set
    Pottery Barn Bedford Corner Desk Set. Photo / Pottery Barn

    Different ages and grades mean different types of back to school preparation. A new college freshman may have a lot of anxiety about moving away from home and into a dorm full of strangers, while a pre-schooer will be blissfully unaware of what they are about to embark on. Here are resources for students of every age.


    • Back to School for Pre Schoolers
    • Bakc to School for Elementary Schoolers
    • Back to School for Middle Schoolers
    • Back to School for High Schoolers
    • Back to School for College Kids
    • Bac...MOREk to School for Adult Students