5 Easy Ways To Bring Color In your Bathroom

Are you tired of staring at your white or beige bathroom? Do you feel like it could use some color to make it happier, more attractive, more you? Brightly colored bathrooms used to be a decor faux-pas, but now they're trendy and all over decor magazines. Would you like a colorful bathroom all your own? Check out these 5 easy, low-budget ways to brighten up your mornings.

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    Dare with a shower curtain

    Colorful shower curtain
    A bright shower curtain is a cheap way to add color. Getty Images / Moment

    How's your shower curtain doing? Is it sad and bland, maybe a subtle tone-on-tone geometrical pattern? Maybe it's just old and needs a change? 

    If you can't change anything else about your bathroom, the shower curtain is the cheapest, most practical way to add color and style. Easily changeable with your moods or the season, it's also the accessory with the most impact since it takes so much visual space.

    It's now even possible to have your own shower curtain printed on demand....MORE Choose the photo or drawing you want, and make a custom order. That way, you're totally in control of what colors and style you have in your bathroom.

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    Blend with small bathroom accessories

    A blue soap dish
    Small color items can make a big difference. Getty Images / Image Source

    Despite being small, bathroom accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, soap and tissue dispenser, etc.) can add a touch of subtle color if you're a little more shy and don't want to go all-in with a shower curtain.

    There are accessories in all styles and colors. For the biggest effect, choose a color that contrasts with your counter and/or the rest of your bathroom. For example, I have dark countertops, so a pale color like yellow or pink will be best for my bathroom.

    If you're only...MORE beginning to experiment with color, these items are easily replaceable and cheap. You can try many different shades and styles until you find the one you like best.

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    Wow with colorful towels

    Colorful bath towels
    Towels can add color to a bland bathroom. Howard Shooter / Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

    In between the shower curtain and bathroom accessories, impact-wise, you'll find that towels do a great job of adding color to the space.

    I'm always impressed by friends who end up matching their bath towel, hand towel and washcloths in a beautiful display in their bathroom. That's why I think towels are a great way to add a dash of color if you can't do anything else.

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    Impress with new cabinet colors

    Green medicine cabinet
    A colorful medicine cabinet adds style. Michal Venera / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    If your medicine cabinet looks sad and white and bland, it's easy to just paint it over to add that burst of color you're looking for. It's not a lot of paint (cheap!) and it's not a lot to paint (easy!) so it might just be the perfect solution if you're looking to add colorful style to your bathroom.

    These DIY instructions on Ask Colleen teach you how to paint your medicine cabinet easily and for about $20.

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    Surprise with new countertops

    Colorful bathroom countertop
    Green makes a good contrast in this modern bathroom. Spaces Images / Blend Images / Getty Images

    This will cost a little more money than the other options, but if you can afford just a little for remodelling, just changing the color of the countertops and the cabinets can make a big difference.

    For the biggest impact, choose a bright color that contrasts with the rest of our bathroom. Or you can go more subtle with a marbled-type countertop color that mixes several shades.

    Whether your cabinet match or contrast the color of your countertops is your choice--how much color can you handle?

It's easy to contrast bright colors in typical white rental bathrooms--like mine. A colorful shower curtain and matching towels is all I need (and realistically can do) to add some wow in my bathroom. But there's plenty more you can do that fits small and big budgets.