5 Ways to Decorate With Coral

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    How to Decorate With Coral

    Coral dining room wall
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    One of our favorite colors for is coral. It's a well-kept secret, but coral has been popular for a little while now. It's been popping up everywhere in design magazines and you might even have caught it gracing the runways at this fall’s New York Fashion Week. The pinkish-orange hue is not only a fabulous color choice to include in your wardrobe, but it's also the perfect color to bring home this fall to create warm and cozy spaces. It can add comfort and warmth to a space while remaining fun and contemporary. As the weather outside grows cooler, mixing in just a touch of this shade (or more!) is just what your home needs to stay nice and toasty. So here are five marvelous ways to add this lively color to your home.

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    Incorporate Coral With Furniture

    One of the easiest (yet daring) ways to incorporate this fun and bold shade into your home is with a large piece of statement furniture. Against a neutral backdrop, a couch in a colorful coral tone will add an instant spark of interest while warming up the cool tones that dominate the space. The benefit of going coral with a larger piece is that it takes just one piece to make a huge impact rather than repeating the color with multiple, smaller accessories.

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    Be Bold With Coral Paint

    Now if you want to go really big and create a room with wow factor, try using the first tip in reverse and paint your walls in a coral tone. Instead of creating a pop of interest in a neutral field, use natural tones to create moments of calm in a sea of color. For a space that's fashion-forward, try pairing the coral with today's most popular neutrals, like navy blue and gray. A few of our favorite shades of coral paint include Hot Spice, Pinata, and Fan Coral by Benjamin Moore.

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    Use Coral In a Small Space

    If painting one of your larger rooms is more coral than you need, or if you just want to try it out before fully committing, try the shade in one of the smaller rooms of your room. Bathrooms and powder rooms are great places to experiment with color. Paint the entire room or even a single accent wall with coral to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom. Coral wallpapers are also a great choice for combining color with pattern in your small rooms.

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    Introduce Coral With Textiles

    Textiles are a must for any home. They take a room from being functional to being comfortable and are one of the key elements for making a house a home. Add a punch of coral to your bed or couch with a fun pillow or throw blanket. In this room, coral accent pillow looks especially lovely paired against a backdrop of cool grays and crisp whites.

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    Display Coral Artwork

    It’s always fun to include colorful and unique artwork in your home. Art is a wonderful way to tie together color palettes in a space. Adding art pieces that incorporate coral in a tantalizing shade helps to create visual interest for your rooms. Check out a variety of paintings and prints available from galleries, online curators, and numerous Etsy sellers. For the more artistic among us, you can even try painting your own coral piece to bring a personal touch to your home décor.