5 Ways to Bring Your Love of Farmhouse to Your Outdoor Space

Rustic charm that's perfect for cottages or wild meadow gardens

Farmhouse patio decor

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As we inch toward spring, we’re all eyeing our outdoor spaces. Whether you have a tiny patio or a sprawling yard, our external areas have truly become extensions of our homes. And the good news for fellow farmhouse-style lovers is that this is one aesthetic that’s made to exist in the natural surroundings of our garden spaces.

This look can easily be achieved using reclaimed wood, wicker, and other rustic touches.

We turned to a farmhouse-style expert for more tips on some tried and true ways to pull this look into your outdoor space. So, if you are feeling eager to style your outdoor living rooms to feel as welcoming as your inside alternatives, then read on.

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    Select Furniture Made of Natural Materials to Add Rustic Charm

    wicker and reclaimed wood furniture on a patio

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    Emma Sims Hilditch of Sims Hilditch Interior Design pointed out that when we think of the traditional farmhouse aesthetic, “it’s usually comprised of natural materials inspired by the surrounding countryside"

    Things like reclaimed wood and wrought iron are good examples. Because these are two materials that work well outside when treated properly, they’re perfect for an outdoor farmhouse aesthetic.

    Other materials perfect for an outdoor farmhouse aesthetic include wicker or more luxurious rattan, and bonus points if you find vintage furniture pieces to truly elevate your garden space into charming country cottage territory.

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    Use Your Natural Surroundings as Inspiration

    Beautiful terraced garden with patio furniture

    Sims Hilditch


    You don’t necessarily need to let your garden run wild, but the outdoor farmhouse aesthetic works well when things look a little more rustic and organic. As you begin to design your outdoor space, consider what you have in your natural surroundings and let yourself be inspired by the seasons.  

    Emma specifically suggests pulling in “calming neutral tones and a collection of rustic or traditional furniture in keeping with the country aesthetic.” This way, the natural shades of your surroundings will really complement your design aesthetic.

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    Lean Into Natural Touches and Reclaimed Favorites

    vintage sink repurposed as a planter

    Lovely Greens

    If you really want to lean into the rustic vibes, incorporating reclaimed materials into your landscaping and plant design is the perfect opportunity. Look to repurposed items, like old farmhouse sinks or planters made of reclaimed wood, and really let nature take over.

    Plus, the porcelain of a farmhouse sink will only make your plant colors pop, while the naturally weathered finish of reclaimed wood is perfect for emphasizing the farmhouse feel of your garden.

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    Bring the Indoors Out

    Photo from a house through the patio doors to the courtyard garden

    Sims Hilditch


    When decorating your garden, most people think of it as totally separate from the rest of your home. But as Emma told us, “the garden is an extension of your home, so why not select a few features from your farmhouse interior and thread them through into your outdoor space?”

    If you’re in need of inspiration, look to the “rustic wooden patio furniture inspired by that in your dining room." Alternatively, if you’re diving into a larger farmhouse-inspired renovation, consider laying “limestone patio tiles in your kitchen, hallway or boot room, and have these continue out into the garden or terrace.”

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    Decorate for All Weathers

    Rustic farmhour patio with throws over the chairs

    Sims Hilditch


    We decorate our homes to reflect the season, so why not incorporate the exact same method with your garden? “You can also create a cozy farmhouse feel by keeping a wicker basket filled with warm throws nearby, or even a fire pit, to keep your guests warm during the cooler evening,” said Emma.

    If entertaining, incorporate fabrics that you have in your home, as well, like linen tablecloths, gingham napkins, or a floral-printed patio umbrella.

    Remember, pattern mixing is one of the tried-and-true staples of farmhouse style, and never underestimate the power of accessories, inside and out!

However, you set up your farmhouse-inspired exteriors, the best part of the incoming season is getting to spend more time among the fresh air and wildflowers. And as our living spaces expand into the great outdoors, our farmhouse-styled days are all about to get a little bit more rustic and wild.