18 Stunning Striped Wall Ideas for a Pretty and Unique Space

striped walls

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Have a thing for stripes? Go ahead and embrace them on your walls if you're looking for a way to have a little extra fun with paint. Stripes add so much energy to a space and can be painted vertically, horizontally, and in a zig zag shape, just to give you a few ideas. Plus, stripes look stunning whether they're thick, thin, or extend up onto the ceiling. You really can't go wrong incorporating them into your home. If you're not sure what style of stripe appeals to you the most, you'll find tons of valuable inspiration in the 18 spaces highlighted below.

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    Sweet Yellow Stripes


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    Thick yellow stripes add tons of visual interest to this chic, contemporary living room. While yellow can often be seen as a loud color, this space proves that the hue can be styled to appear more subtle and neutral.

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    Nursery Stripes

    striped walls

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    Simple stripes look darling in this nursery and are a popular choice for children's rooms. Painting the wall shelf in one of the same colors helps make this little nook appear nice and cohesive.

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    Stripes Behind the Sofa

    striped walls

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    Why stop with simple stripes behind the sofa? Keep going and let your design continue onto the ceiling for added flair and whimsy.

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    Bedroom Stripes

    striped walls

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    Purple and white stripes behind the bed are nice and soothing for a sleep space but still provide a dose of personality. If you'd prefer to skip a headboard altogether, note that a striped wall can provide the illusion of a bed frame.

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    Striped Living Room

    striped walls

    @sixtysevenbelmont / Instagram

    Vertical stripes in the living room make for a fun accent wall design. Because this room has some unique architectural features, applying wallpaper may be a bit tricky — and that's where the power of paint comes in.

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    Striped Headboard

    striped walls

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    Painting stripes every which way doesn't make a room look chaotic, so long as you do it purposefully. When done strategically, it can look super sophisticated and glam. Black and white is always a no-fail color combo, too.

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    Alternating Stripes

    striped walls

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    If you think you can't alternate between vertical and horizontal stripes within the same room, think again. This bathroom proves that mixing and matching can look stunning.

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    Diagonal Stripes

    striped walls

    @designoneinteriors / Instagram

    Think thick! Thicker, diagonal stripes like these are a great choice for a modern space. This sunny marigold yellow is full of cheer.

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    Thin Stripes

    striped walls

    @queensofgreendesign / Instagram

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, thin stripes can be just as fun. And there's np need to stick to just two paint colors if you're looking to experiment with several—here, five different shades play together nicely.

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    Striped Archway

    striped walls

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    If you have an archway in your home, you can add a striped design there, too. This is a nice alternative to painting an entire wall if you'd prefer to keep things more subdued.

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    Stripes up the Wall

    striped walls

    @ourlifedownthelane / Instagram

    Here's another instance where striped extend beyond the wall and up onto the ceiling. Bonus points if you choose to decorate up there, too—hanging plants add lots of additional intrigue.

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    Stripes on the Ceiling

    striped rooms

    @2thesunnyside / Instagram

    Why count sheep when you can count stripes? Colorful green stripes on the ceiling add a playful touch to this already colorful child's room.

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    Referee-Like Stripes

    striped rooms

    @handlerhouse_ / Instagram

    If your little one loves sports, paint some black and white stripes on the wall that are reminiscent of a referee's uniform. Even if their decor scheme changes down the line, the good thing about black and white striped walls is that they complement almost any other color.

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    Calming Green Stripes

    striped rooms

    @home_with_the_onyejis_ / Instagram

    If you don't wish to extend your painted stripes up to the ceiling, that's A-OK. In fact, smaller stripes like these give off an artistic, off the beaten path look.

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    Pretty in Pink Stripes

    striped rooms

    @lastdetailinteriordesign / Instagram

    Simple pink stripes add visual interest to an otherwise white wall and add some preppy flair to this living space. Varying the thickness of each stripe makes the design feel bespoke.

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    Wallpaper-Like Stripes

    striped rooms

    @ourcornerfoursquare / Instagram

    From far away, these blue and white stripes almost look like wallpaper. You can never go wrong with vertical stripes in a timeless color scheme, trust us.

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    Beachy Bathroom Stripes

    striped rooms

    @dawnpattersoninteriors / Instagram

    Beachy colors are popular for the bathroom and these blues and greens are nice and calming, while complementing the room's wainscoting.

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    Neutral Stripes

    striped rooms

    @homeonspringwood / Instagram

    Beige and white stripes are an excellent choice if you're not looking for anything too bold but do want to have a little bit of fun. Natural tones like these are great for sleep spaces, whether they belong to kids or adults.