30 Fresh Ways to Decorate for Easter

Baby's Breath Bouquet
Purely Katie
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    More than Easter Eggs

    When Easter rolls around, it brings plenty of opportunities to decorate your home for the season. Easter eggs are a highlight for many households, for good reason.

    However, there are countless options for decorating beyond the eggs. Children love to help decorate for Easter, but if you are flying solo, you can still channel your inner child for some grown-up results. 

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    Easter Egg Succulents

    Instead of dying Easter eggs, use that carton sitting in the fridge to make adorable Easter egg succulents. This take on an Easter-inspired little garden is 100 percent manageable and undeniably cute!

    DIY Easter Egg Succulents from Eyeswoon

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    Color-Blocked Wire Basket

    Sometimes simplest of projects bring the most joy. This color-blocked wire basket is a fun alternative to the traditional Easter basket and super-fun project for people who love DIY and textiles.

    DIY Color-Blocked Wire Basket from Oh Joy

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    Moss-Covered Egg Centerpiece

    Moss isn't an expected holiday decoration, but it works in this covered egg craft. You'll love the effortless and fun feel of these beautiful moss covered eggs as the centerpieces for your main event.

    DIY Moss-Covered Egg Centerpiece from Love Grows Wild

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    Floral Imprinting

    An abundance of fresh, beautiful flowers creates a perfect opportunity to experiment with floral imprinting. Use this tutorial for natural dying to make your own dreamy linens for your table.

    DIY Floral Imprinting from Eyeswoon

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    Swedish Easter Tree

    An Easter tree might seem out of place in your home, but it's common in the Swedish culture. Take a cue from the Nordic and set up the cutest Easter tree in your home. 

    DIY Swedish Easter Tree from 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Natural and Crafty Eggs

    A little tumeric, beet and cabbage are a couple of ingredients that go a long way when it comes to organic egg design. 

    DIY Natural and Crafty Eggs from Eyeswoon 

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    Gold Leaf Vase

    Freshly cut flowers make a beautiful addition to any room in your home, but they create an especially welcoming atmosphere as a table centerpiece. Paint your own DIY gold leaf brush strokes vase to add some metallic flair to your day.

    DIY Gold Leaf Vase from Oh Joy

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    Easter Egg Shelf

    Gather up all those egg cups in your cupboard and line them up on your shelf. Egg stands are not just for breakfast—they make the most festive decor!

    DIY Easter Egg Shelf from Roomido

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    Paper Tulip Centerpiece

    If seeing real flowers wilt away makes you sad, try this gorgeous paper option instead. They'll last quite a long time after Easter dinner is all said and done! 

    DIY Paper Tulip Centerpiece from The House That Lars Built

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    Hen's Nest Place Settings

    Dinner guests will love the thoughtful touch of their very own Easter hen nests, complete with a single egg etched with their name. 

    DIY Hen's Nest Place Setting from Look What I Made

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    Ombre Candle Votives

    This ombre candle votives will add Easter cheer to your holiday table and atmosphere. These votives are easy to make and will be useful throughout the spring. 

    DIY Ombre Candle Votives from The House That Lars Built

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    Galvanized Tubs

    Bring a mini garden indoors to brighten up and add life to your space. Plant the garden in a galvanized tub to make an ultra-trendy and modern home decoration.

    Galvanized Tubs from Vibeke Design

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    Swedish Easter Tree

    The Swedish celebrate the Easter holiday with a lovely Påskris, which is a paper Easter tree. Create your own and use it for decor or a centerpiece for your holiday table. 

    DIY Swedish Tree from The House That Lars Built

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    Botanical Easter Eggs

    If you have a little extra time on your hands, try this fun black botanical Easter egg project. They will surely impress your guests this holiday—and they may even be too pretty to eat.

    DIY Botanical Easter Eggs from The House That Lars Built

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    Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

    Cherry blossoms are a sure sign that spring is near. Use vintage-inspired vases and mason jars to display these pretty blooms on your tablescape.

    Spring Tablescape from Dreamy Whites

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    Easter Nest

    The perfect substitute or alternative to a traditional Easter wreath. Your little ones will love bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside.

    DIY Easter Nest from Look What I Made

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    Potted Paper Easter Lily

    A potted paper Easter lily is the best decor for those who are missing a green thumb. 

    DIY Potted Paper Lily from The House That Lars Built

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    Baby's Breath Arrangement

    Those freshly dyed pastel colored eggs will look magnificent paired with a bundle of baby's breath.

    Baby's Breath Arrangement from Purely Katie

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    Bunny Ear Napkin Fold

    This whimsical fold that creates bunny ears out of your napkins is sure to be a table-pleaser at both the adult's and children's table. 

    Bunny Ear Napkin Fold from Driven by Decor

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    Tons of Tulips

    When in doubt, turn to tulips. To mix things up, try placing them in unexpected containers like galvanized tins or watering pots.

    Color Fest from Vibeke Design

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    Pretty Doilies

    These aren't your grandma's doilies. A mix of classic crochet knitted and paper doilies make the prettiest runner for a grand table setting.

    Doily Table Runner from Pam Garrison

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    Egg Holder Place Cards

    Simple paper egg holders transformed into the most useful place cards for a holiday meal that has a lot of guests in attendance.

    Egg Holder Place Cards from Camille Styles

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    Easter Egg Pinatas

    Make your own Easter egg pinata, and invite all the kids to participate in a special activity post-egg hunt.

    Easter Egg Pinatas from Oh Happy Day

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    Vintage Pillow Case Napkins

    Love vintage pillow cases but not sure what to do with them? Turn the bright colors and patterns of the past into the sweetest napkins for your gathering.

    Vintage Pillow Case Napkins from Paper N Stitch Blog

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    Bunny Banner

    A no-sew bunny banner is both affordable and the cutest addition to any room in your house. 

    DIY Easter Bunny Banner from Lady and the Blog

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    Mini Egg Baskets

    Greet brunch guests with these mini egg baskets. The two-in-one project works as a gift and name tag.

    Mini Egg Baskets from The House That Lars Built

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    Monochromatic Centerpiece

    A monochromatic centerpiece makes a bold statement for spring. Try a bright yellow for a cheery addition to your home.

    Monochromatic Centerpiece from Paper N Stitch

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    Origami Egg

    This origami easter egg will look great in your children's room. The bright colors are playful and Easter-appropriate.

    Geometric Paper Easter Egg from The Proper Blog

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    Bunny Bowl

    Ceramics lovers will rejoice when they create this special bunny bowl. It's the perfect storage vessel for all that Easter candy.

    DIY Bunny Bowl from Alice + Lois

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    Easter Topiary Trees

    These Easter topiary trees are an eye-catching centerpiece that will put good use to all those dip-dye eggs you spent hours perfecting. 

    Easter Table Setting from Sand and Sisal