15 Ways to Decorate With Greenery

Room decorated with lots of greenery
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    Bring the Outside In

    Greenery centerpiece with napkins
    Victoria Bee Photography/Getty Images

    According to this year's Pinterest trends, greenery is everywhere—searches for greenery decor are up over 100% from last year. While flower arrangements are always lovely, adding real or faux greenery is a fresh and stunning way to bring the outside in, no matter what season. From delicious eucalyptus to winding ivy, there are countless vines, leaves, and shrubs to choose from and even more ways to decorate your house with them. Check out some of our favorite ways to fill your home with green in every room. 

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    Boxwood and Candles

    Boxwood in a candle
    Belgian Pearls

    Boxwood is a shrub usually used for holiday wreaths and in gardens, but it's a subtle and resilient plant you should use in your home as well. We love this boxwood pillar candle look from Belgian Pearls that's cozy and calming. A simple glass pillar candle holder and a few sprigs of boxwood are all you need for this look, though we recommend finding a good quality faux version that will last all year long.   

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    Adorn Your Mantle

    Greenery above a mantle

    If you haven't already used eucalyptus everywhere in your house, you're about to start. The eucalyptus tree has a very distinct and clean fragrance, so you should always opt to use fresh over fake. Scattering fresh branches of eucalyptus across your mantle is a gorgeous way to add a beautiful burst of greenery to your living space. Keep the rest of the look neutral to really allow the plant to stand out. 

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    A Festive Basket Look

    Pumpkins and greenery in a basket
    Craftberry Bush

    If you're looking for a new twist on fall pumpkins, this greenery and pumpkin basket look is a chic way to celebrate the season without going over the top. Any green plant will do for this look, but we love this knotweed version that adds a touch of light color to the piece. Go big and fill a whole basket, or sprinkle white pumpkins and greenery in small arrangements throughout your house. 

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    Palm Place Setting

    Palm table setting
    Studio DIY/Love Maegan

    This year, we are all about elephant ear plants and banana leaf, and this place-setting style is an innovative and fun way to use this trendy plant in your home. Nearly any large palm leaf will do, and while you can find great faux versions out there, we recommend heading to your local florist for a few real clippings to achieve ultimate tropical island goals for your next dinner party. 

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    Dress Your Bed Frame

    Ivy on bedframe

    Try greenery in the bedroom with this simple fern and ivy garland. You can pick up a faux arrangement at any craft store, just be sure to combine a few different versions for a more realistic look. Whether woven through a bed frame or placed as a table runner, the garland is modern and beautiful.  

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    Floating Greenery

    Greenery in water with candles
    A Refinaria

    If you're feeling a little more adventurous than pillar candles, try this simple floating candlestick centerpiece that your guests will love. Rosemary, fern or magnolia leaves are all great choices for this look–just add water and clean glass wine bottles, and you'll never miss that floral centerpiece. 

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    Hanging Succulents

    Hanging succulents
    Gardening Prof

    We've been into the succulent container garden look for a long time, but this modernized hanging planter approach really caught our eye. Succulents are long-lasting and easy to care for, so definitely use real plants in each vase. 

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    Greenery in the Nursery

    Wreath above a crib
    100 Layer Cake

    Welcome your newest addition to the world with a bright and airy wreath. Fresh eucalyptus or forest fern are great choices for this simple hanging wreath that you can put together in an afternoon.

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    Low Maintenance Air Plants

    Copper airplant holders

    Copper has been a trendy decor choice this past year, so why not add some lovely air plants to really bring this style into your home? Air plants, like succulents, are incredibly easy to keep alive and can brighten up any space. Just a few copper PVC pipes and some stained wood can recreate this look for any room in your house. 

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    Pair Plants With Macrame

    Macrame and greenery

    Try placing a few sprigs of eucalyptus in a wall hanging. This hippie-inspired look is great for any room in your house—you can even easily DIY a yarn wall hanging without any knotting or weaving experience.

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    A Palm Party

    Outside party with greenery
    Inspired by This

    Make any party festive and fun by stringing palm leaves garland-style above the bar like the one above from Inspired By This. While we love this outdoor tiki feel, recreate this inside your home by stringing elephant leaves above a bar or ​​buffet table. ​​​

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    Fill a Lantern

    Fern in a lantern
    The Given Life

    You probably have a few old lanterns hanging around your house (if you don't, they're very cheap at flea markets or craft stores). Repurpose them by placing greenery inside instead of candles. This fern-filled lantern arrangement is perfect for a cozy coffee table or a dinner table.

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    Fill a Bar Cart

    fern in a bar cart
    Ferm Living

    Who says a bar cart has to be filled with alcohol? DIY your own cart and then fill it will greenery for a fresh look that works in any room like the one above from Fern Living. Fill the cart with herbs like rosemary or thyme, and it becomes both beautiful and practical.

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    Mirror, Mirror

    Greenery around a mirror
    Fall for DIY

    This is a totally simple, but absolutely stunning DIY. Simply attach a few branches of eucalyptus to any hanging mirror and you have a lovely wreath-like display that will inspire you every morning.