7 Ways to Decorate With Vintage Globes

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    Old Schoolhouse Style

    globe wall art
    Patina White

    Are you a world traveler? Do you want to be? Most of us don't have the type of job, leisure time or cash flow to afford us the pleasure of traveling as far or as widely as we'd like; however, you don't have to be well-traveled to enjoy the beauty of a globe. The colors and fascinating history of vintage globes in particular add a layer of interest to any room.  

    Globes are beautiful perched on bookcases; but, they don't have to be relegated to office spaces. They are also right at home in play spaces and children's rooms, family rooms and even as seasonal decorations. Because they are fairly inexpensive and easy to find at yard sales and flea markets, it isn't hard to amass a collection for visual impact on a shelf or mantel.   

    Indeed, globes are beautiful on their own or as part of a larger collection. And while it's true that globes are often intended for educational purposes, decorators and stylists love them for all the ways they can be repurposed in a space. The vintage ones–since the names of places are often out-of-date anyway–are fun to upcycle as objets d'art or even DIY light fixtures!  

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    Chalkboard Globe

    chalkboard globe
    Pies and Puggles

    Turn a globe into a beautiful piece of art with some chalkboard paint and a single word that has big meaning, considering the canvas! 

    Chalkboard Globe Tutorial from Pies and Puggles.

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    Globe Light Fixture

    DIY globe light shade
    DIY Showoff

    This beautiful industrial shade for a light fixture is a beautiful way to add a globe accent to any den or office.

    Globe Light Fixture Tutorial from DIY Showoff

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    Globe Wall Art

    globe wall art
    Patina White

    Create this unique piece of wall art by affixing a globe in a shadow box.

    Globe Wall Art from Patina White

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    Painted Globe

    Globe Art
    No Biggie

    This painted globe uses a beautiful quote to add inspiration to the living space!

    Painted Globe Tutorial from No Biggie

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    Globe Accent Bowl

    globe bowl
    Studio M

    This bowl made out of a globe could be filled with potpourri, ornaments, or even postcards from your travels!

    Worldly Decor from Studio M

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    A Mantel Full of Globes

    globe mantel
    Organize & Decorate Everything

    If you champion the environment, celebrate Earth Day with a mantel full of globes!

    Globe Mantel from Organize & Decorate Everything.

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    Christmas Globe Mantel Piece

    Christmas Globe Decoration
    Nesting in the Bluegrass

    This beautiful Christmas display shouts "Joy to the World" using vintage accessories, including a globe.

    Christmas Globe Mantel Piece from Nesting in the Bluegrass