10 Ways to Decorate With Vintage Letters

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    Show and Tell

    vintage letters
    Rustic Eye / Etsy

    Visit any flea market, and you’ll likely see rows or stacks of them—vintage letters in nearly every color, size and style you can imagine. You’ll find large, plastic, block-type letters that once resided on gas station signs. Sturdy metal letters from store signs, many in retro fonts. Wooden letters, some teeny-tiny, once used to print newspapers. Or marquee letters that just might still have the ability to light up.

    Decorating with letters isn’t a new trend (you may have had your initials spelled out in your teenage bedroom), but decorating with vintage letters lends a fresh take, a “you won’t find these anywhere else” feel. You can spotlight a favorite quote. Jumble them up on a wall to create your own sort of chaotic alphabet. Or you could even hang up your initials once again.

    Besides providing personality, the other bonus to buying vintage letters? They’re rarely expensive—anywhere from $1 to $50 per letter.

    Whether you’re filling up a wall or perfecting shelf décor, vintage letters can creatively proclaim your unique tastes. Here are 10 ways to do just that.

    Vintage Sign Letters, $2, Rustic Eye via Etsy

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    Describe Your Space

    Vintage-style letters, like the ones here crafted from weathered wood, can be a charming descriptive element in any room. The word “EAT” can be hung up in a dining room or kitchen, “FAMILY” works in a living room, while “LOVE” might be a sweet detail in a nursery.

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    Take It Outside

    vintage letters
    @lotmarie / Instagram

    These letters are built to last in the outdoors, so why not hang a letter above your garden, on a porch or on your patio? It can bring an industrial look to an otherwise soft, green area.

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    Display a Phrase

    vintage letters
    @rescuedliving / Instagram

    With enough collected vintage letters, you can put together a favorite phrase or quote on a wall. There’s really no wrong way to do this—mismatched colors and sizes, staying in the same color family, using different fonts—it all works. For an added level of whimsy, gather letters in wildly varying sizes.

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    Create a Vignette

    vintage letters
    Shop Mid Century Modest / Etsy

    If a letter isn’t wobbly and can stand up on its own, set it on top of a stack of books on a coffee table or beside vases and picture frames on a shelf. A truly throwback font, like the one pictured here, weaves in extra visual interest.

    Wooden Letter “S”, $28, Shop Mid Century Modest via Etsy

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    Accent an Empty Space

    vintage letters
    @gietemuis / Instagram

    If you have a wall, a corner or a portion of flooring that just calls for something, and you can’t quite put your finger on it, try standing up or leaning a vintage letter in that spot. The height can fill that white space, and act as a distinctive conversation piece as well. Complement the décor by featuring a letter that fits in the color palette.

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    Mix Organic and Rustic

    vintage letters
    Southern Gilt / Etsy

    Many vintage letters tend to have an industrial quality, rendered in hard-edged metals, stark hues or even old wiring. Embrace the rigidity of these letters by juxtaposing them with organic items. Place an old neon letter alongside a diminutive potted plant. If there’s an opening on top of a letter, use it as a makeshift vase for branches and florals. Or even try growing a succulent in one.

    Neon Channel Sign Letter Upper Case “A”, $25, Southern Giltvia Etsy

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    Fill a Bowl

    vintage letters
    @evassunday / Instagram

    For a one-of-a-kind bowl filler, turn to a heap of small vintage letters. Here, cement letters harmonize with the gray bowl, but this could also work if you use mini plastic letters or letterpress blocks. Either way, it’s an unexpected way to show off your collection.

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    Add Interest to a Gallery Wall

    vintage letters
    @tumbleweedpress / Instagram

    Vintage letters can speak all on their own when they’re the star of a wall, but if you hang them up next to artwork, photos or decorative items in contrasting textures, they serve as a way to enhance the character of a gallery wall. For example, you could spell out a word like “TRAVEL” among your vacation photos, or just include a few letters here and there.

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    Showcase Small Objects

    vintage letters
    @acquiringdesign / Instagram

    Tiny typeface letters can be just the thing for petite displays or printer’s drawers. The fact that they’re backwards is a unique touch, and they play nicely with other small-scale objects, like seashells or little vintage treasures.

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    Bookend Your Favorite Reads

    Use weighted, substantial vintage letters as bookends, punctuating your beloved tomes. They’re much more interesting than run-of-the-mill bookends, and you could look to your initials or a sentiment like “XO.” If you’re searching for a bit of personality without going over the top, vintage letters are a lovely addition to a shelf, or for that matter, anywhere else in your home.