50 Ways to Describe Crochet

What Crocheters Love About The Craft

Crochet Flower Heart
Crochet Flower Heart. Louise Deane

When asked why they learned to crochet, many people have said that they were inspired by others in their lives (although that certainly isn't the only reason). But what keeps people crocheting? There are so many amazing benefits to crochet, and the people who enjoy the craft keep on doing it because of those benefits. I asked a group of people to describe crochet to others in just one word and their answers are very revealing about what it is that the love about crochet.

50 Words That Describe Crochet

Here are the 50 words that people used to describe crochet:

  1. Absorbing
  2. Accomplished
  3. Addictive
  4. Ageless
  5. Anti-depressant
  6. Art
  7. Awesome
  8. Calming
  9. Comforting
  10. Consoling
  11. Counting
  12. Creative
  13. Digitdance
  14. Doable
  15. Empowered
  16. Enjoyable
  17. Exhilarating
  18. Expensive
  19. Fulfilling
  20. Fun
  21. Happy
  22. Healing
  23. Home
  24. Joyful
  25. Liberated
  26. Life-break
  27. Love
  28. Magic
  29. Measure
  30. Medicine
  31. Meditation
  32. Modern
  33. Mystery
  34. Not-knitting
  35. Options
  36. Own-world
  37. Passionate
  38. Patience
  39. Peace
  40. Perfect
  41. Potentiality
  42. Relaxing
  43. Rewarding
  44. Sanity
  45. Self-confidence
  46. Sociable
  47. Soothing
  48. Therapeutic
  49. Versatile
  50. Zen

10 Most Popular Words for Describing Crochet

Of these, some were repeated more than others. The most popular answers were that crochet is creative, fun, meditative, relaxing, soothing and therapeutic. Other popular choices were addictive, art, happy, peace.

What People Love About Crochet

As you can see from this list, there are also words that are very similar to one another, and these words reflect what people love most about crochet.

People enjoy crocheting because they find it therapeutic - an anti-depressant, a form of medicine that doesn't require us to take a pill or swallow a syrup, a way to maintain our sanity. Similar to that, people love that it's a relaxing, soothing, meditative craft. Crochet brings us back to ourselves and gives us a life-break.

But of course, there are many facets to crochet, and it can be other things as well, from exhilarating to sociable to passionate. And crochet can boost self-esteem, helping us feel self-confident, fulfilled, rewarded,  and empowered. These things can co-exist in the same project, for the same person, or they may be the reasons different people love the same craft.

Most Original Descriptions of Crochet

Sometimes it's tough to come up with truly unique descriptions when asked to just give one word, but some of the wonderful people who responded were creative in their responses, and those answers made me smile. "Not-knitting" made me smile because many crocheters get frustrated with everyone thinking that knitting and crochet are the same; this isn't a discredit to knitting but just a desire for us all to be able to celebrate crochet for the individual craft that it is. "Expensive" made me smile because this is a craft that does not have to be pricey and can be worked to fit all budgets but I definitely have spent a lot on my own crochet, falling in love with luxury yarns and keeping a big stash of them, so I can relate to that one. And "counting" was a great word because it relates some of the meditative qualities of the craft but also the practicality of it, how it can relate to math and design and learning.

But by far my favorite single word description was "digitdance". Genius. I love watching crocheters fingers flying over their work and "digit dance" is a perfect description of that.