10 Vintage Jewelry Display Ideas

Flea markets, estate sales, and even some thrift stores are go-to spots for vintage jewelry collectors. The downside is not being able to wear everything you find at one time. Instead of closing your collection up in a jewelry box, try these vintage jewelry display ideas.

If you sell jewelry at craft fairs and vintage shows, most of the display ideas will look charming there too.

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    Tiered Serving Trays

    tiered jewelry display made from plates and egg cups

    apairandaspare / CC BY2.0 / Flickr

    Tiered serving trays are ideal for displaying vintage jewelry. They hold lots of pieces and they don't take up much tabletop space.

    If you don't have a tiered tray, it's easy to make your own. This one was made from two upside-down egg cups and three plates. If you don't have egg cups, small goblets will work.

    Though the china here matches, mixing patterns looks lovely too.

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    Dress Forms and Mannequins

    vintage necklaces displayed on a dress form

    Paris on Ponce & Le Maison Rouge / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

    Old dress forms and mannequins look delightful decked out in vintage jewelry.

    When displaying necklaces, layer them on in lengths ranging from short to long for a lush look. If you have a fabric-covered dress form like this one, you can also pin on your collection of vintage brooches.

    If you opt for a mannequin, use its fingers and arms to show off rings and bracelets as well.

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    Miniature Tart Tins

    jewelry displayed in vintage tartlet tins
    Charm Bracelet Diva

    If you collect vintage kitchen stuff, you may have a handful of tiny tart tins stashed somewhere. Kathleen from Charm Bracelet Diva uses hers to display vintage jewelry. She puts old muffin tins and small gelatin molds to work too.

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    Picture Frames

    vintage brooch displayed in miniature picture frame

    hodge:podge / Markova Design

    Jewelry design is an art, so why not frame your special pieces? Barbara from hodge:podge displayed a vintage rhinestone brooch in this miniature picture frame. She backed the brooch with black fabric to show off its sparkle.

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    Upcycled Bracelet Bars

    bracelet stands repurposed from vintage lamps and gears
    My Salvaged Treasures

    Need a way to display vintage watches and bangles? Bracelet bars like the ones retail stores use work well, but yours don't have to be so basic.

    Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures gave plain bracelet bars a makeover for use in her antique show booth. She covered the bars with burlap, and then upcycled a hobnail lamp and rusty gear as bases.

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    Baskets and Bowls

    sliver bowl full of vintage cameo brooches

     Sherry's Rose Cottage / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

    If you have a lot of like items that won't tangle, heap them in a pretty porcelain bowl or silver bride's basket for maximum impact. Brooches, rings, and bangles are all good candidates.

    If your container is larger than your collection, wrap fabric around a wad of pillow stuffing to fill some of the space. Then, pile your vintage jewelry on top.

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    Curtain Tiebacks

    DIY curtain tieback with an old necklace
    Crafts a La Mode

    You can display necklaces in a functional way by using them as curtain tiebacks. 

    The multi-strand pearls Crafts a La Mode's Linda used work well with her lightweight sheers, as would sparkly faceted beads. For heavier curtains, opt for strands of wooden, Bakelite, or tumbled-stone beads.

    You can also string vintage brooches and old clip-on earrings onto ribbons to make tiebacks that suit the bohemian look.

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    Repurposed Brooch Magnets

    magnets made out of vintage brooches
    Just a Girl

    If you know you're not going to wear them, you can turn vintage brooches and earrings into magnets. Chris from Just a Girl also made a custom display board for hers, using a sheet of thin metal and a painted picture frame.

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    Lampshade Necklace Rack

    necklaces displayed on a lampshade frame

    Unskinny Boppy / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

    Unskinny Boppy's Beth spotted this necklace rack at the Country Living Fair. It's a lampshade that's been stripped of its fabric. Though this one holds necklaces available for sale, you can use the same idea for ​a home display.

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    Statuary Busts

    vintage necklace displayed on statuary bust
    Fry Sauce and Grits

    Have a special vintage necklace you want to show off? It will definitely attract attention if you drape it around the neck of a marble or plaster bust. 

    You don't have to invest big bucks in antique statuary. Courtney, one of the sisters from Fry Sauce and Grits, spray painted a discount store bust to get this striking look.