Ways to Encourage Reading

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    6 Ways to Encourage your Child to Read

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    I have always loved to read.  I devour books.  When my oldest child was younger, she really didn't share my love for reading.  So, I had to come up with ways to get her to read more.  I'm going to share things that really worked for my family.

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    Don't Force Reading

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    I really believe that making a child do things by force is counter productive.  Reading for pleasure should not be forced.  Would you grow to love anything that you were forced to do? Instead, encourage a reading and quiet time.  During this time, sit down with a book yourself. If your child isn't interested in reading for themselves, pick out a book to read aloud.  

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    Join a Book Club

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    It worked wonderfully for one of my kids.  We joined a book club.  I didn't force her to read the books.  At the first meeting about a book, she quickly realized that she didn't know anything about what the other kids were talking about.   As soon as we returned home, she dove into her book so that she could contribute to the conversations.  

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    Magazine Subscriptions

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     A magazine subscription doubles as a great gift idea as well as fresh reading material.  Zoobooks was a big hit here at our house.  Even the non-readers would look at the photos and ask to know what was written.  There are magazines that cover so many different topic.  Find one that fits your children's interest.  

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    Read the Television

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    Turn on your child's favorite television show or movie. As a fun reading twist, turn the volume down low or mute it.  Then turn the closed captioning on instead so that they can read along with the show.

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    Feed their Interests

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    Take note of what our children are really interested in.  Maybe it's dinosaurs or plants?  Whatever it is, there are bound to be many books to explore the subject.  Head to the library and get a variety.  Leave them in an area that your child can pick them up and browse and read as interested.

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    Make Reading Enjoyable

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    No matter what, be sure to make reading a positive and enjoyable experience for your children.  Please do not use reading as a form of punishment.  Reading is so important to living.  It is where we gain most of our knowledge.  I tell my children that reading is the key to learning and exploring everything in life.