5 Ways to Furnish for Fall

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    Bring the Colors of Fall into Your Home

    Copper Berry Spectrum
    Copper Berry Spectrum. Photo (c) Company C

    Fall is a stunningly beautiful season not just for the blazing colors, but the textures and smells as well.

    The use of home accessories is a great way to introduce the season into any setting, and in any part of the home. If you don't already have some warm harvest and fall inspired colors in your home furnishings all you have to do is add a few touches here and there.

    Changing out pillows, rugs, throws, wall art to harmonize with seasons, festivals, changing light, or even your own mood can...MORE dramatically renew and recharge a space.

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    Brighten With an Orange Rug

    New City Floral Contemporary Orange and White Modern Area Rug
    New City Floral Contemporary Orange and White Modern Area Rug. Amazon.com

    Orange is probably the first color you think of when autumn colors are mentioned.

    While you may be considering pillows and lamps for accessories, don't forget the magic of rugs. They come in a vast array of materials, styles and designs. What is more, you can find them in different price points.

    The New City Floral Contemporary Orange and White rug is stain resistant, made from 50% wool and 50% heatset Olefin twisted yarn, and measures 4' x 6'.

    Available from Amazon.com.

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    Seek Warmth With Warm, Spicy Colors

    Kennebunk Home Canyon Throw
    Kennebunk Home Canyon Throw. Amazon.com

    With the arrival of fall, the evenings can be a bit chilly. Add some warmth to your space by bringing in colors such as cinnamon, russet or spice.

    Cinnamon is a warm brown. An earthy color, it evokes simplicity, and makes surrounding colors appear richer. That is the function of a neutral color.

    Throws and blankets also give a sense of warmth, visually as well as functionally. They invite you to snuggle down and relax on your favorite chair or sofa. The texture of a throw can be comforting as...MORE well.

    Kennebunk Home Canyon Luxurious Woven Throw, in Spice measures 45" x 72", is made from 88% Acrylic and 12% Polyester, and was handwoven in New Hampshire.

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    Scatter Pillows in Fall Colors.

    Add throw pillows in fall colors
    Add throw pillows in fall colors. Tara Moore/ Getty Images

    Pillows are one of the easiest home accessories to change out, as they can be relatively inexpensive. You can even make some yourself. Simply change out pillow covers with the changing seasons.

    Add some golden yellow to your oranges and spice colors. It is warm and cheerful, but without being overly exciting or exuberant. It gives off a more staid, classic feel. It sits very close to orange on the color wheel, and is one of the most beautiful colors of fall. This is not a color that you may want...MORE to use over large expanses, because it can become very overpowering. But it makes perfect sense in small accessories like pillows.

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    Add a Mirror to Reflect Light

    Safavieh Sunburst Mirror
    Safavieh Sunburst Mirror. Amazon.com

    Fall means beautiful light, and mirrors help catch and reflect it back. Consider putting up a mirror if you have not done so yet. You will light up a dark corner, and open up the room in the process.

    A sunburst mirror is a great addition to any room. This mirror from Safavieh measures 33.1 in diameter and features a copper finish that complements your fall decor.

    Available from Amazon.com.

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    Enjoy the Scents of Autumn

    Light some scented candles
    Light some scented candles. Jackie McDermott/Getty Images

    Along with color and texture, don't forget that scents play a big role in creating a mood. Apples, cloves and cinnamon are just a few smells that we associate with fall.

    The scents can come from fall wreaths or bits of nature that you bring into your home. Then there are all those fabulous pumpkin soups that you can make.

    Why limit scents to the kitchen? Find a recipe for making pumpkin soap here.

    If you enjoy lighting candles, then you can make your own scented candles or find some to buy.