7 Easy Ways to Hide Ugly Corners or Walls in Your House

Red toy truck in front of white radiator covers with white flowerpots on top

From tangled cords to dirty gym shoes, everyone has a few household items they'd rather not look at every day.

While you should never expect your house to look like the subject of a design magazine spread (the best homes look and feel lived in), it's okay to wish you didn't have to stare at an ugly trash can every time you walk into your kitchen. Good news: These tips will help you make the most of every corner of your home and trick your friends into believing you're some sort of design magician.

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    Hide TV Cords

    Big TV above a white console cabinet with books and flower vases
    Me and Mr. Jones

    We all have knots of cords and cables in our homes we wish we didn't have to look at, but TV cords from mounted devices are some of the worst offenders.

    Blogger Me and Mr. Jones creatively placed books and knickknacks in the space between the mounted TV and console to cover up those unsightly tangles — it also works great over a fireplace or mantle. Decorate with items that are both attractive and meaningful, like these derby-themed books, and you'll forget those pesky cords even exist.

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    Goodbye, Thermostat

    Painting hinged open on the wall with a hidden thermostat panel behind
    Bliss Bloom Blog

    You may need to control the heating and cooling systems in your home, but that doesn't mean you want to look at the temperature every time you pass through your living room.

    This picture hack is especially great if you have an older thermostat model that is in need of an update. Simply find a cheap photo or painting you love, add hinges, and presto: easy beauty. Check out the full instructions on Bliss Bloom Blog. This idea also lends itself to wall AC units and unsightly mounted TVs.

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    Phone Charging Station

    Open white desk drawer with charger ports inside and electronic devices charging
    Cross Custom Homes

    These days, we all have multiple devices that need to be plugged in from time to time. From cell phones to tablets to digital cameras, finding space for all of your power-hungry technology can be difficult — and unsightly.

    Enter this ingenious charging drawer, which takes organization to a new level. Stock up on extra chargers and drill small holes in the back of a kitchen or desk drawer, and you'll never have to wonder where your iPad is again. Pair this idea with fun desk decor and you'll be more productive than ever in your at-home workspace.

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    DIY Radiator Cover

    White room with brown rustic radiator panel cover, with picture frames and planters on top

    This hack only works when your heat is off, but that's half a year you won't have to look at a rusty old radiator. If you don't have fitted covers, simply make one yourself — like this rustic pallet cover, which is perfect for a neutral living room or your family's summer cottage. If you don't have easy access to pallets, a few pieces of plywood and some stain can recreate this look in an afternoon.

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    Build a Trash Cabinet

    Rustic brown cabinet with hidden trash can that pulls out with the door
    Dawn Nicole Designs

    Some kitchens come with built-in trash drawers. But if yours doesn't, you can easily build one without spending money on a kitchen remodel.

    This chic trash cabinet lets you place the can wherever it makes sense — which is great if you want to replicate the idea in a kids' craft room or on a deck. Blogger Dawn Nicole offers an easy-to-follow guide to building a pull-out cabinet you can do in a weekend. If you’re really handy, you can buy a larger cheap cabinet or console and change the hinges to create an entire recycling and trash station. This fun hack won't help you battle trash odors, but it may help you forget they exist for a few hours.

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    Staircase Drawers

    Warm brown staircase drawers, slightly open with white interiors
    zstockphotos/Getty Images

    This hack is not for the faint of heart, but the payoff just may be worth it. There are plenty of tutorials online, but the concept is the same for most of them: turn your stairs into drawers to add more space and create sneaky hiding spots for shoes, umbrellas and anything else you always leave lying around. If building the drawers directly into the stairs gives you pangs of anxiety, you can also DIY the under-the-stair storage popular in tiny homes without the help of an architect.

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    Cat Litter

    Shy cat peeking from behind the litterbox
    Artem Vorobiev/Getty Images

    Having a cat is great, but figuring out where to put her litter box can be a decorator's worst nightmare. This nifty DIY of putting curtains under a corner table with the litter box insider conceals an unsightly container, and even gives anxious cats a little more privacy than an unconcealed box. Keep in mind that this hack isn't for every cat, but it's a great idea if you don't have a basement or large closet to tuck a box away in. There are many different variations of this kitty-concealer, but make sure to be extra clean if you decide to tuck Fluffy's box away in a living space.