Ways To Hide Toys From Kids

Kid Looking Under Bed for Toys
Andersen Ross / Getty Images

Before long the little baby in the shopping cart, happily smiling and licking the handle while you put toys in the back to buy for the holidays will be all grown up. 

As children get older, into their preschool, elementary and tween years, parents will need to get creative with toy hiding spaces. Nobody wants a snooping, curious child to happen upon the magic of Christmas by finding a stash of toys lazily hidden in the front hall coat closet.

 It could be devastating for kids to find that popular toy of the season weeks before the holiday.

Definitely have a few places and ways to hide toys from the kids. For those who shop throughout the year stashing gifts, make sure you have a good enough memory to remember where all of them are hidden! Odds are a few of them will get lost in the process if you are not consistent.

Here are several places and ways to hide toys from kids for their birthday or during the holiday season.

Do Not Hide Them At Home

If you have a snooper, do not even give them a chance of finding them. If you buy toys online, mail the packages to your spouse or partner's work, your own work or a local family members house. Some online companies ship toys in their original boxes that include photos of the toy on the box, you don't want to return home to find the new, expensive and enormous Barbie dream house you scored a great Cyber Monday deal on sitting like a statue on the doorstep.

Minimize Packaging

Santa sometimes chooses to wrap special gifts at some homes, while he leaves gifts unwrapped at others. If space or storage is a concern in your home, maybe you can send a note to Santa's elves that wrapping will not be required this year. Many toys in their original boxes include a lot of packaging.

When a toy is removed from the packaging it can take up little to next to no space at all to hide.

Hide Toys Inside Something Else

A plastic retail bag with a recognizable logo from a toy store that was quickly tossed in a hallway closet, is a dead give away and a child, and even a an adult, will have a hard time resisting the urge to peek inside.

The best way to hide toys for the season is to lock them up in the luggage or suitcases. While it is possible a good secret spy snooper may crack the code, there is at least an extra safeguard in place.

Using The Attic, Eaves, Basement, Garage or an Outdoor Shed?

If you choose to hide toys in the attics, eaves, basement, garage or a shed, please put them in plastic bins or luggage first, so neighborhood critters do not decide to snuggle up with your child's new teddy bear or that a natural disaster like a basement flood does not ruin the cardboard boxes.

For toys stored in extreme temperatures you may need to also consider buying replacement batteries.

Under A Bed

​It might not be the best option, but if there is a lot of clutter underneath the bed already, you might be able to hide it some small items there.

The Car

The car is a great option on a short term basis.

Just be careful, it is very easy to forget they are there, then take the kids grocery shopping and open the trunk to find all sorts of goodies. 

Keep extra fabric, re-useable shopping bags or zippered gym bags in the trunk so you can place toys and gifts inside. When at home, remember to hide them in the home.

Do not ever keep gifts openly hidden in the trunk or backseat of your car in plain sight, they will make your car an easy target for a robbery or a break-in.