17 Ways To Make And Display Christmas Cards

Creative Christmas card and card holder ideas for the holiday season.

The holiday season is one of the few times in the year people still mail cards, so in preparation for all the cards you will need to mail, and will also receive here are DIY card and card holder ideas that would make for a fun afternoon project. 

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    DIY Family Bunting Card
    DIY Family Bunting Card. Delia Creates

    Skip the generic store bought Christmas cards and make your own creative card as done by Delia Creates.Cut out a picture of each member of your family and string together the portraits to craft your own amazing holiday card.

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    DIY Holiday Card Mobile
    DIY Holiday Card Mobile. Sugar And Cloth

    If you are tight on counter space, hang your holiday cards instead on this lovely DIY mobile created by Sugar And Cloth.

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    DIY Paper Reindeer Postcard
    DIY Paper Reindeer Postcard. Eat Drink Chic

    This movable reindeer postcard by Eat Drink Chic is so much fun, and would be the perfect card to mail out to ally our family and friends this year.

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    DIY Cork Christmas Tree Card Holder
    DIY Cork Christmas Tree Card Holder. A Bubbly Life

    Display your holiday cards on your wall as done by A Bubble Life by cutting up a piece of cork into the silhouette of a Christmas tree and using mini Christmas ornament push pins to hold cards to the cork.

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    DIY Light Up Reindeer Greeting Card
    DIY Light Up Reindeer Greeting Card. Hideous Dreadful Stinky

    If you truly want you Christmas card to stand out amongst all the other cards someone might receive this holiday season, try making your own glowing nose reindeer card, where a small light is added to the end of the reindeer's nose. Learn how to make this card at Hideous Dreadful Stinky.

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    DIY Festive Wreath Card
    DIY Festive Wreath Card. Earnest Home Co

    Make this wreath card by Earnest Home Co for only 35 cents, instead of buying a store-bought card, as a great way to save some money over the holidays. The festive wreath card is easy to make, all you need is a piece of kraft paper and a few clippings of boxwood leaves to form the wreath.

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    DIY Modern Christmas Tree Card
    DIY Modern Christmas Tree Card. Northstory

    Let the kids help make the holiday cards you send out this year with this easy and modern looking card from Northstory which is made by gluing small paper stars to form a Christmas tree.

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    Simple DIY Holiday Card Display
    Simple DIY Holiday Card Display. Design Improvised

    Attach some twine on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree to make a simple holiday card display to hold all your cards as done by Design Improvised.

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    DIY Stamped Christmas Card
    DIY Stamped Christmas Card. Paper Crave

    Even if you do not consider yourself to be artistic this multi-colored stamped Christmas tree card made by Paper Crave is easy for anyone to make. 

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    DIY Holiday Card Wreath
    DIY Holiday Card Wreath. Stephanie White

    Get ready for the holiday season by making your own wreath out of a pack of clothespins that will also beautifully display all the cards you receive with this quick DIY.

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    DIY Printable Merry And Bright Christmas Card
    DIY Printable Merry And Bright Christmas Card. Minted Strawberry

    If you are in a hurry, check out Minted Strawberry's printable merry and bright card for a quick holiday card solution.

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    DIY Simple Stamped Snowman Card
    DIY Simple Stamped Snowman Card. Please Note

    Learn how to carve your own snowman stamp as done by Please Note craft several identical cards for Christmas.

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    DIY Ribbon Tree Card
    DIY Ribbon Tree Card. Northstory

    Repurpose all those leftover scraps of ribbons from wrapping presents by gluing them onto a card to form little ribbon trees as done by Northstory.

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    DIY Pop Up Reindeer Card
    DIY Pop Up Reindeer Card. Design And Paper

    Add an element of surprise to your handmade cards this winter by making some pop-up reindeer cards with this easy tutorial from Design And Paper.

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    DIY Naughty Or Nice Card
    DIY Naughty Or Nice Card. A Beautiful Mess

    Break out your emoji stamps to make this fun naughty or nice card by A Beautiful Mess for your friends.

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    DIY Geometric Christmas Tree Card
    DIY Geometric Christmas Tree Card. How About Orange

    Learn how to make this modern geometric Christmas tree card at How About Orange.

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    DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder
    DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder. Persia Lou

    Hang your cards from family on this lovely small wooden tree that you can build as done by Persia Lou where you can hang the cards from the wires running horizontally between the two vertical pieces of wood.