8 Ways to Make Mornings Easier

Brrrrring! The alarm clock wakes you up out of a sound sleep, but the very thought of getting out of your cozy bed seems impossible. If you often find yourself slapping the alarm silent only to fall right back asleep, or lie awake but miserable while trying to talk yourself out of your comfortable bed, then these tips are for you. Yes, it is possible to rise and shine each morning, feeling ready to tackle the day. It just takes a little bit of morning motivation.

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    Get Enough Sleep

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    One of the most common causes of morning difficulties is also the most obvious – not enough sleep. If it’s hard to find the energy to open your eyes most mornings, you’re probably hitting the hay too late for a restorative seven or more hours. Although you know you need to get to bed earlier, that can be easier said than done when life is hectic. Try to push bedtime back by just a few minutes each night until you hit your goal. According to the National Sleep Foundation, healthy adults should average seven to nine hours of sleep each night.  

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    Move Your Alarm Clock

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    When your alarm clock is right next to your bed, it’s far too easy to switch it off without fully awakening, then fall right back into a deep sleep. What often happens next is you wake up an hour or two later, then plunge into panic when you realize you’re late for work. Prevent this familiar scenario, along with the temptation to keep hitting the snooze button, by placing your alarm clock across the room from your bed. Now you’ll have to get up to turn it off, and once out of bed, the battle is won.

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    Take a Deep Breath

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    Start your morning on a pleasant note by taking a minute or two after awakening to think of something positive about the day ahead while slowly taking several full, deep breaths, then letting them out again. Now give your entire body a good stretch. You’ll focus your mind, oxygenate your brain and set the tone for a good day ahead.

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    Let There Be Light

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    When sunlight hits your eyes, even if they are closed, it tells your brain that it’stime to wake up. Take advantage of this natural morning motivator by leaving your bedroom blinds slightly open at night (if privacy permits and you get up very early in the A.M.), or by using a light-up alarm clock instead of the more traditional version. These devices simulate the rising sun, slowly increasing the light level in your bedroom until you gently awaken without need for startling sounds or an abrupt disruption to your sleep cycle.

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    Prepare the Night Before

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    Simplified mornings make it easier to face getting out of bed. And the best way to ease into the day is to do as much as possible the night before. Work a few minutes into your bedtime routine to lay out your outfit for the following day, prepare bag lunches for yourself and your kids, set your gym bag, umbrella or other necessities near the front door and check your kids’ backpacks for paperwork that needs to be signed. It only takes a few minutes to do all these things the night before, but those minutes will be precious in the morning.

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    Buddy Up

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    If left to your own devices in the morning, you might just turn off your alarm clock, then roll over and go back to sleep. But if a friend is counting on your company for a morning walk or workout, or a quick cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, you have both pressure and motivation to get out of bed, a powerful combination. Find a buddy who also needs a little push to get going in the morning, and agree to meet a few times a week for a walk or other exercise before work.

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    Smell the Coffee

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    Ahh, the smell of freshly brewed coffee. When you wake up to a waiting cup of hot caffeine, getting out of bed doesn’t seem so bad. Before going to bed, set your coffee maker’s timer for a few minutes before your wakeup time so you’ll smell the coffee at the same time your eyes open. Make your morning cuppa even more special by keeping a selection of flavored creamers, cinnamon, vanilla and whipped cream on hand to liven things up. Now you’re your own barista.

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    Just Do It

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    Sometimes the best way to get a thing done is to just go ahead and do it. If you often find yourself lying in bed ruminating about the day ahead instead of getting up and getting started, cut the cycle off before it has time to begin. As soon as you wake up, get out of bed without any hesitation. You’ll feel better when you start your day with action instead of premonition.

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