8 Ideas for Jewelry Storage, Organization & Display

Jewelry hanging from driftwood with hooks over nightstand with decor items closeup

The Spruce / Leticia Almeida

If your necklaces are lumped together in a knotted pile or you're constantly losing earring backs, you're probably in need of a jewelry organization system. It's time to untangle that pile and store your jewelry in an orderly fashion. There even are many jewelry storage solutions that allow you to display your most beautiful accessories as decor in a room when you're not wearing them. Plus, you can easily find a stylish and functional storage option that won't break the bank.

Here are eight jewelry storage ideas to keep your pieces organized.

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    Display a Creative Ring Dish

    Cactus ring holder
    Chelsea Foy / Lovely Indeed

    A fun ring dish is a great little decor piece that also serves as a convenient spot to store your rings. Plus, if you like to craft, you can easily make a ring dish out of clay in any shape, style, and colors you want. This cute DIY cactus ring holder and catchall dish is an ideal way to keep many rings in one place.

    Consider keeping more than one ring holder around your house where you need them most, such as by the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and on your bedroom nightstand. You'll never panic over a misplaced ring again.

    DIY Clay Cactus Ring Dish from Lovely Indeed

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    Hang Items From Hooks and Chains

    Earrings and necklaces hanging on chains and wall hooks
    Sugar Bee Crafts

    If you have a lot of costume jewelry or long necklaces, it can be difficult to find a store-bought jewelry organizer that can hold your whole collection. Instead, consider taking a DIY approach by hanging your jewelry on the wall from hooks and chains. You can hang your collection out in the open to enjoy as wall art or affix it to the back of a door or inside a closet where it will be hidden.

    Simply screw one or more thin strips of wood into the wall, and then attach several small hooks to the wood on which you can hang necklaces and bracelets. For earrings, nail a thick chain to the wall, and hook your earrings through it.

    Simple Jewelry Organization from Sugar Bee Crafts

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    Add Hooks to Pieces of Driftwood

    Driftwood jewelry hangers
    Curiographer / Etsy

    Driftwood looks great with many types of decor, including farmhouse-style homes and Scandinavian-inspired homes. That makes driftwood a versatile material for a hanging jewelry organizer.

    You can purchase a ready-made driftwood jewelry display or easily make your own from a piece of salvaged driftwood. Simply cut the driftwood to a size that fits your space if necessary. Then, screw small hooks along it from which you can hang your jewelry. And finally, add some rope or twine to the ends to hang it on the wall.

    Driftwood Jewelry Organizer from Etsy

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    DIY an Industrial Pipe Jewelry Display

    Jewelry hanging on a pipe
    Making Home Base

    Pipes are a great material from which to create an industrial-style jewelry organizer. And their sturdiness makes them especially ideal for hanging chunky necklaces and bracelets. Plus, pipes are fairly inexpensive and come in many sizes and varieties, so you're bound to find something that fits your needs.

    To really make your jewelry pop, consider using black piping like this DIY jewelry display versus a metallic color that might match a lot of your jewelry pieces. Simply screw the piping to a sturdy block of wood as your base, and construct a T shape out of the pipes. You can add multiple horizontal pipes at different heights if you wish to hang even more pieces of jewelry.

    DIY Industrial Pipe Jewelry Display from Making Home Base

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    Repurpose a Vintage Box Into a Ring Display

    wooden ring box
    My Cakies

    Want to quickly and easily add a little character to your home? The next time you're at a flea market or antiques store, keep an eye out for small vintage boxes. The more intricate the advertising, the better the treasure. Then, transform the box into a unique wooden ring display.

    This DIY project simply adds fabric-covered foam to the box, in which a collection of rings can sit. When keeping this display out in the open, don't store expensive rings in it if you'll be concerned about their safety. Rather use it for your best costume jewelry. A good spot for such a box is on a dresser or vanity.

    Wooden Ring Holder from Cakies

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    Make a Simple Wooden Block Jewelry Holder

    Necklaces hanging on a thin golden rod
    Emily Henderson

    Some jewelry storage solutions are so elaborate that they can take away from the aesthetic appeal of the jewelry itself. So if you want your jewelry to be the star of the show on your jewelry display, make sure the display is as simple as possible.

    This clean and modern jewelry display uses just a wooden block and a brass dowel. It looks like a high-end product, yet it's very easy and inexpensive to make. Simply glue the dowel to the block and use a sawtooth hanger to attach the block to the wall. Then, hang jewelry from the dowel.

    Jewelry Blocks from Emily Henderson

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    Use Simple and Modern Ring Cones

    Three cement ring cones with rings
    DIY in PDX

    If you take off your rings temporarily around your house—such as when you're washing the dishes or taking a shower—it can be helpful to have small, unobtrusive ring cones sitting in those spots. Plus, if your ring collection is fairly small, a few of these cones might be all it takes to store your rings in a stylish and accessible manner.

    A ring cone is simply a freestanding cone made from a material of your choice with a tip that's narrow enough to hold a ring. Many people make ring cones out of clay, but this DIY uses quick-setting cement in a cone template. You can make cones in different sizes and even paint them for a customized look. 

    Concrete DIY Ring Cones from DIY in PDX

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    Revamp a Tiered Dish Into a Jewelry Stand

    Blue tiered jewelry organizer

    For jewelry you wear often, a tiered jewelry dish can be a good option as a beautiful display that keeps the pieces at your fingertips. One major perk of a dish is you don't have to fuss with hanging your jewelry. Just toss it on the dish, and it will still look intentionally organized.

    This DIY uses a deviled egg plate, dinner plate, and cereal bowl with a drinking glass and candlestick holder between the tiers. All of the items have been painted the same color and glued together. The deviled egg plate is an especially good option to keep small jewelry pieces organized in their own spaces.

    Tiered Jewelry Organizer from Curbly