20 Ways to Organize Hair Accessories to Easily Find What You Need

Hair accessories on a pink surface

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Hair accessories are a fun way to complete an outfit or add a little bit of festive sparkle, but storing them all can pose a challenge. Whether you're looking for ways to store a large collection of headbands and claw clips, or just tips for keeping small items such as bobby pins handy at all times, we're sharing 20 clever ways to organize hair accessories to easily find what you need.

Start by gathering everything in one spot and going through each hair clip and hair tie, getting rid of anything that may be broken or too stretched out to use, so that it doesn't unnecessarily take up space. Then decide how you want to sort your hair accessories, whether by type, frequency of use, occasion, or color. The possibilities are endless, but choose a system that best works for you. Keep reading for functional and cute ideas for storing hair accessories.

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    Clear Plastic Containers

    Hair bows and hair bands stored in plastic containers

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    Organize hair accessories in clear plastic containers inside a drawer or on a shelf to keep them neatly sorted and contained. Divide them by type, color, or occasion so you can easily find what you need.

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    Trinket Bowl

    Soft pastel toned bedroom

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    Keep your most frequently used hair accessories such as bobby pins, clips, and hair ties in a small trinket bowl on your nightstand. This way, you always know where to find your hair essentials, they're neatly corralled in one spot, and you have a designated place for them at the end of the day.

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    Over-the-Door Rack

    Over-the-door organizer holding hair and makeup items

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    An over-the-door rack is a great way to maximize storage space in a bathroom or bedroom closet. Use one of the multiple shelves to hold hair accessories. Place larger accessories such as claw clips, headbands, and scrunchies directly inside the shelves, and use smaller individual containers for items such as bobby pins and hair ties.

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    Stacking Organizer

    Accessories in stacking organizers

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    A clear stacking organizer allows you to organize and display your favorite hair accessories in a compact way. Lay items flat and designate each drawer for a different category, then place the organizer on a closet shelf, bathroom vanity, or bedroom dresser. The acrylic construction adds practical function as you can quickly identify where everything is, but it also doubles as a sleek and stylish decorative accent.

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    Glass Bowl

    Hairties in a glass bowl

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    Use a glass bowl for everyday hair ties so you always have an assortment available when you need it. Keep the small bowl on your dresser, bathroom vanity, or closet shelf for convenience, and if needed, the sides of the bowl can double as a spot to hang earrings.

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    Wicker Storage Baskets

    Closet with wicker storage baskets

    Finding Lovely

    Wicker storage baskets are one of the most versatile organizational tools available. If you have lots of larger hair accessories such as headbands, store them in a wicker basket, neatly stacking them. Alternately, divide the basket into compartments using smaller containers to hold a variety of different accessories.

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    Drawer Dividers

    Hair accessories organized in a drawer with dividers

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    Prevent bathroom drawers from getting messy and cluttered by using dividers and organizing hair accessories inside them. Use clear containers of different shapes and sizes such as these, or extendable dividers that stretch from one end of the drawer to the other. Designate a vanity drawer for hair tools and accessories and that way everything you need is conveniently located in one spot.

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    Tiered Cart

    Rolling cart in a bathroom

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    If you have a small bathroom, bring in a rolling tiered cart for overflow items such as extra hair accessories. Divide them into smaller lidded storage containers or bowls by color, type, or size and keep them on a higher or lower shelf depending on the frequency of use.

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    Decorative Tray

    Accessories organized on a tray

    Laura Cattano Organizational Design

    Merge style and function by organizing hair accessories on a decorative tray. Use multiple pretty bowls or boxes to add dimension and create a visually appealing vignette while keeping different types of accessories in their own little container.

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    Bath Caddy

    Bath caddy over a freestanding tub

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If you love taking baths, an extendable bathtub caddy is a great little bathroom addition and the perfect spot to keep hair accessories solely used to keep your hair up while you're soaking in the tub. A bath caddy typically has multiple compartments, so you can easily find accessories when needed.

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    Hair Tie Stand

    Hair ties on a holder

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    A hair tie stand is a cylinder-shaped organizer that's typically made from plastic or metal. It doesn't take up any drawer or surface space, yet it provides enough storage for a large collection of scrunchies. The clever organizing tool is available from lots of retailers but if you're looking for a DIY hack, simply use a freestanding paper towel holder instead!

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    Stackable Lidded Containers

    Hair accessories organized in lidded containers

    Breathing Room Organization + Design

    The main advantage of lidded storage containers is that you can stack them, and therefore save space. The clear acrylic construction allows you to see what's inside each container so you can quickly find what you need.

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    Makeup Bag

    Person opening a dusty pink makeup bag

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    Keep an assortment of your most used hair accessories in a makeup bag that you can easily throw in your bag when traveling. The closed pouch keeps everything neatly contained in one place and gives you one less thing to have to organize when packing for a trip.

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    Makeup Vanity

    Accessories organized on a vanity

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    Organize your hair accessories on your makeup vanity so you can seamlessly go from applying your makeup to doing your hair. Maximize surface space by using a stacking organizer with pull-out drawers or a standing holder that takes advantage of vertical space so that your vanity stays clutter-free.

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    Under-Cabinet Pull-Out Drawers

    Vanity cabinet storage system

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Store extra and less frequently used hair accessories under your vanity and make the most of its storage space by incorporating a set of tiered pull-out drawers. Place a basket for each type of hair accessory in the drawers to keep them neat, and they'll be out of the way but easy to grab when needed.

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    Small Tin

    Hair accessories in a small tin

    Breathing Room Organization + Styling

    Repurpose a small lidded tin for your daily hair accessories. Think of it as your essentials kit that includes extras of each of your must-haves, and besides all the items being in one place, you can also easily throw the tin in your bag before heading to work or traveling.

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    Decorative Boxes

    Bedroom with an upholstered bed and a raffia nightstand

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Decorative boxes play double-duty in a bedroom, bathroom, or closet—they're a fun styling element that brings in color, texture, and height when stacked, but they also provide hidden storage. Divide hair accessories by type, frequency of wear, or color, and store them in different boxes where they can be tucked away and won't collect dust.

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    Tiered Organizer

    Accessories organized in a clear container in the bathroom

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    Place one of each of your everyday essentials in a tiered organizer so that your daily must-haves are readily available for you. This can include everything from your nightly chapstick, face cream, or perfume, to a hair tie you use in the morning and clip you put in your hair while doing your evening skincare routine.

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    Closet Shelf

    Wallpapered closet with little girl's clothes and accessories

    Casa Watkins Living

    If your kids' closet is organized by outfits or occasions, keep the corresponding hair accessories with their clothing and shoes so you can easily pull the whole look together. Pretty bows and headbands can easily double as decorative accents, so place them in a cute bowl or inside clear acrylic containers so they're on hand and visible.

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    Dresser Drawer

    Hair bows organized in a drawer

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    Place dividers or small storage containers inside dresser drawers and organize hair accessories inside the containers. This way, they'll be safe from dust but your drawers will remain neat and organized, with everything compartmentalized and in its designated area.