10 Creative Ways to Decorate with Vintage Suitcases

vintage suitcase used as a table

Daniil Silantev / Unsplash

When you see a vintage suitcase sitting in an antique store or flea market booth, it has this way of inspiring stories about who owned it and where it’s been. You can add to a vintage suitcase’s story by bringing it into your home and decorating with it in a creative way. Suitcases can serve as furniture items, fill up lonely spaces, or even work as one-of-a-kind dog beds. Sometimes they require some DIY magic, while other times, they can be seamlessly showcased in inventive spots.

And there’s a bonus to purchasing vintage suitcases—they can work as double-duty decor pieces, offering storage for items like blankets, mugs, or even TV remotes.

If you’re not visiting a vintage shop or flea market anytime soon, you can scour the internet for all types of suitcases—tattered or perfect condition, valises or steamer trunks, striped or solid. They can run from $10 to upwards of $4,000 for the Louis Vuitton variety.

These bloggers, photographers, and interior designers have given vintage suitcases a place to rest after years on the road.

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    Incorporate a Suitcase into a Vignette

    vintage suitcase in home

    @houseonheatherfield / Instagram

    A suitcase can be a whimsical addition to a vignette, adding visual interest to a corner of your home. Here, Instagrammer @houseonheatherfield displays a vintage hat atop a suitcase, nestled alongside a potted plant and ladder, creating a farmhouse-style look.

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    Make a Dog Bed

    dog in suitcase
    Honeycomb Living

    Your four-legged friend will also benefit from a bit of vintage style in the form of a suitcase-turned-dog-bed. Honeycomb Living has added some bunting to make the bed even more adorable. You can easily place a soft cushion inside a suitcase, or you can choose from a myriad of DIY tutorials on Pinterest.

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    Place a Plant on a Small Suitcase

    plant on suitcase

    @kelseymittleider / Instagram

    For an unexpected plant stand, look no further than a diminutive suitcase for a vintage touch. Instagrammer @kelseymittleider has rested a succulent on top of a mini leather suitcase, making the houseplant the center of attention.

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    Create a Pop-up Bar

    vintage suitcase bar
    StyleMutt Home

    If you don’t own a proper bar cart, this stylish stand-in will do nicely. StyleMutt Home has placed an open vintage suitcase on top of a suitcase table, adding a vanity mirror for a glamorous detail. Liquor bottles set out for guests suddenly seem oh-so-chic, as if they’re in a display from another era.

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    Stack up Suitcases to Craft a Makeshift Table

    suitcase end table by bed
    Toronto Interior Design Group/ Ted Yarwood

    A short table can be created simply using a few similarly-sized vintage suitcases stacked up alongside a bed, couch, or desk. Toronto Interior Design Group opted for suitcases in subdued colors that complement the other hues of the room.

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    Fill Empty Space Above Armoires and Cabinets

    suitcases on closet
    Camilla Stephan

    Sometimes, there’s that empty space in your home that calls for something. That’s when you can call upon the decorative power of a vintage suitcase, or two or three. Photographer Camilla Stephan captured a few suitcases sitting on top of an armoire, providing a pop of vintage to an otherwise sparse area. The same approach can be used to fill space underneath a coffee table as well.

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    Set Up a Charming Cart

    suitcase cart chic


    To complete the styling of a rustic, farmhouse kitchen, vintage suitcases can be just the thing. Here, Instagrammer @gwenmossblog has given wheels to two suitcases, then artfully presents a tray readied with breakfast essentials.

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    Display Suitcases in the Same Color Palette

    suitcase piled up
    Rikki Snyder

    If you’re the type who’s willing to hunt for those exactly-right pieces, this approach was made for you. If you love creating decor features that fit in the same color palette, you can search for vintage suitcases that all share the same hue, then stack them on top of one another, just like in this photo shot by Rikki Snyder.

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    Use a Large Suitcase or Trunk as a Coffee Table

    suitcase trunk as coffeetable
    Westbrook Court B&B

    A sizeable suitcase or even a trunk can work as a surprisingly-perfect coffee table, conveying a vintage feel in your living room. In England’s Westbrook Court B&B, minimalist living space is punctuated by an elegant, distinctive antique trunk.

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    Position a Suitcase on a Stool for an Instant Nightstand

    vintage suitcase as end table
    Scheer & Co. Interior Design

    Another straightforward way to craft your own table is to situate a small vintage suitcase on top of a stool. Voila! A nightstand that has plenty of vintage character, just like this one created by Scheer & Co. Interior Design.