7 Inspiring Ways to Transform Your Workspace

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    7 Inspiring Ways to Transform Your Workspace

    Life is full of little ironies. Here's one of the biggest: On the one hand, very few of us actually enjoy spending time in a cubicle. On the other, it's the place where most of us spend a good chunk of time throughout the week. That daily grind can really start to wear you thin, especially if your surroundings are less than inspiring. Beige walls, cheap low-pile carpet, and unmotivating motivational posters seem to be standard office decor. But it doesn't have to be that way. Decor is about creating spaces that do what we need them to do while feeling the way that we want them to feel. So instead of being satisfied with the standard, take your cubicle as the ultimate small space challenge. With the right tools and a few tips, you can transform your workspace so that even if it never becomes your favorite place to be, you'll be a lot comfier and happier while you're there.

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    Get Organized

    By-and-large, the rules for decorating your cubicle are the same as the rules for decorating your home. Rule #1: Clutter is the enemy. The fact is that space in a cubicle is at a premium and the more you can consolidate your papers, files, supplies, and other necessary items, the more room you have to breathe a little easier and feel a little less cramped. Fortunately, people have been working on stylish storage solutions for a while and there are some really good options. Take these super-modern storage modules from URBIO for example. Just a few of these will keep everything in your cubicle in its place and off your desk while creating a little visual interest at eye level. And who knows? All this newfound organization might actually be good for work as well.

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    Get Some Color

    Color is a must for livening up any space and that goes double for workspaces. Colors inspire feelings, so it's important to surround yourself with colors that you love but that also make you feel active and inspired (so, if blue is your favorite color because it always makes you feel like you're on the beach, then blue may not be the way to go). Add colorful stationery, tape, and supplies to your desk. Add in some warm metallics in the form of stylishly appointed paper clips and scissors, and you'll be surprised at just how far these small pops of color can go. 

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    Take Charge With Wall Coverings

    If wall coverings are an option, their addition can be a big step towards completely transforming your cubicle.  Cubicles are mostly walls, so anything you spread across your entire work area is going to have a huge impact. Create a feature wall to create a visual focal point in your cubicle. And if you don't want the hassle of hanging wallpaper in such a small space, use wrapping paper in its place to create a stunning statement wall that will elevate your work area.

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    Create an Art Gallery

    Nothing says home like being surrounded by the things that you love. At home, art is the finishing touch in every room, and it can add the perfect note of comfort in your workspace as well. If you've gotten all you think you can out of reading the same wall-hanging affirmations or seeing that cat continue to cling to the end of the branch, then now's the time to search for the images that will renew and reinvigorate you throughout the workday. Pictures of family are great but don't be afraid to stretch out and curate your own personal gallery of abstracts, impressionist works or artsy photos. And let's not forget the frames. A few frames in a beautiful, natural wood tone will do wonders for warming up and personalizing an otherwise nondescript cubicle.


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    Filing Cabinet Makeover

    Your desk and walls aren't the only parts of your office that will benefit from a little design TLC. Even a standard-issue brown or gray filing cabinet can be a show-stopper with the addition of some fabric or contact tape. You’ll want to check with your office manager before you do anything permanent, but if it's an option it can be just the thing to round out your stylish new cube. Complete instructions for this advanced-class workplace DIY project can be found at Design Sponge.

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    Add Some Life

    Plants are life affirming. They add more than color to a space by being a happy reminder of the world outside. Finding the right way to display your plants is key. Take a step beyond the little pots that most plants come in favor of pieces like the beautiful display case pictured above. Clean, modern angles and a warm metallic sheen make it a wonderfully classy touch. Not blessed with a green thumb? Choose heartier plants like succulents, cacti or air plants that can handle an office environment.

    Kristin Hillery is a design-obsessed writer and photographer based in Austin, Texas. Currently, the editor of Modernize, Kristin has written for Apartment Therapy, That Other Paper, The Onion A.V. Club, and was a contributing author to the humor book, “Please Fire Me.”