9 Smart Ways to Warm Up Your Home With Behr's 2021 Color of the Year

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Behr's 2021 Color of the Year Canyon Dusk on the wall of a hallway nook


Behr Paint Company announced that this year’s color of the year is Canyon Dusk S210-4. With so many reasons to love this warm neutral, and one major plus is that its “neutrality serves as the foundation for an array of design styles.”

In other words: Canyon Dusk is the perfect base tone to either make the other colors in your space pop or to serve as its own flash of color in an otherwise fresh, blank space. We gathered some of their best inspiration pics to show you Canyon Dusk in action.

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    In the Breakfast Nook

    breakfast nook using behr's color of the year, canyon dusk


    We love the idea of starting the day with a cup of coffee in this little breakfast nook. Stark white walls with these black accents would certainly make a statement, but Canyon Dusk warms up the space and increases the cozy to a whole new level.

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    On the Front Door

    Behr's 2021 color of the year canyon dusk on front door of home


    Canyon Dusk as a front door sends a warm and inviting message—almost serving as an extension of your welcome mat.

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    In the Entryway

    Behr 2021 Color of the Year Canyon Dusk on walls of entryway


    Because Canyon Dusk is inspired by nature, it’s the perfect pick for the entryway to your home. It gives off the impression that you’re welcoming the warmest elements of the great outdoors in with your guests. 

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    In the Home Office

    Behr's 2021 color of the year Canyon Dusk on the desk of a home office


    When it comes to your home workspace, neutral spaces are best for maintaining focus. The use of Canyon Dusk offers a pleasant pop that doesn’t distract.

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    In the Bathroom

    Behr's 2021 Color of the Year Canyon Dusk on the walls of a bathroom


    As Sarah Fishburne, The Head of Design and Trend at The Home Depot, pointed out, “paired with light colors, Canyon Dusk can make a space feel like a spa.” This zen, picture-perfect bathroom is proof.

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    In the Hallway

    Behr's 2021 Color of the Year Canyon Dusk on the walls of a hallway


    Canyon Dusk doesn’t just shine in big, bright spaces. It warms up smaller, more intimate parts of the home, too. Consider painting the walls and the ceiling for a more exotic vibe.

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    In the Living Room

    Behr's 2021 Color of the Year Canyon Desk on the wall of a living room


    Canyon Dusk was selected because it serves as a “comfortable and inspiring color meant to elevate space,” said Jodi Allen Global Chief Marketing Officer for Behr. “It’s a grounded, versatile color, but will fit with our existing spaces.” 

    This makes it particularly perfect for the living room, where it can easily warm up the space without distracting from your existing decor.

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    In the Kitchen or Dining Area

    Behr's 2021 Color of the Year Canyon Dusk on the walls of a kitchen


    The true beauty of Canyon Dusk is how it pairs with other colors and textures. As Eika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services suggested, pair it with a “flat or matte finish for a beautiful, subtle texture that really enhances the color itself.”

    The kitchen is one space that naturally offers a ton of different textures, and when they’re set against a Canyon Dusk backdrop, it can pull the space together.

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    As a Low-Key Accent Color

    Behr's 2021 Color of the Year Canyon Dusk on the wall of a hallway nook


    Bold accent walls can be intimidating. If you don’t want to commit to a major pop of color, Canyon Dusk will play up the drama while still appearing fairly neutral.

    If you’re curious about pairing Canyon Dusk with other shades in the Behr universe, you’re in luck. Behr notes that this shade is so versatile that it goes well with “jewel tones or pastels, making it a natural fit for modern, casual, and traditional styles.” Basically, everything.

    “Canyon Dusk stands out against the soft and light of Smoky White BWC-13 and dramatic black of Broadway PPU18-20,” said the Behr team. They also suggested that “Behr’s Nocturne Blue HDC-CL-28 serves as a rich, complementary hue.”

Canyon Dusk and the 2021 Color Trends Palette are available now, exclusively at The Home Depot® stores nationwide.