4 Ways to Use Your IKEA Raskog Cart

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    Raskog Cart

    IKEA raskog cart ideas
    Lovely Indeed

    Chances are if you've stepped into an IKEA store or scrolled through Pinterest recently, you've caught a glimpse of everybody's favorite cart: The Raskog cart is stylish, useful, compact, and the perfect addition to any dwelling, whether it's an apartment or a house. IKEA bills it as a kitchen cart, but this handy dandy little cart can make its way into just about any room in your home and create a ​cute storage option! If you've got your hands on one (or are planning on it), we have three perfect ways to put the Raskog cart to use–that you may have never considered.

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    Home Office Storage

    Home Office. Lovely Indeed

    The three-tiered cart is the perfect size to tuck away into a home office and store all of your odds and ends, especially if you don't have a lot of desk storage or drawers. From binders to paper clips, read on for effective and adorable ways to incorporate the Raskog into your office.

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    Mini Bookshelf

    raskog cart ideas
    Mini Bookshelf. Lovely Indeed

    The Raskog makes a perfect rolling bookshelf, and can be particularly useful for kids' books too! Here are our favorite tips for incorporating all of your best reads into the cart.

    • Organize by Color
      Because the cart is already colorful and eye-catching, organize your books accordingly. Group them by color to create an unexpected, happy effect. Keep the spines out so you can still easily find your books.
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    Bar Cart

    raskog cart ideas
    Bar Cart. Lovely Indeed

    Cheers! This handy cart makes a perfect bar cart. It's just the right size to house all of the necessities, and the wheels make it a breeze to move from room to room if you're entertaining. Keep it stocked with ingredients and tools to make all of your favorite libations.

    Tip: keep bottles on top. Keeping the bottles on top of the cart will allow the most space if you have various bottle heights. It'll also save time and mess when you're mixing drinks.

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    Decorative Kitchen Storage

    Kitchen Storage. Lovely Indeed

    Don't forget to freshen it up a bit! A pop of fresh florals on a bar cart brightens a room. The high walls on the Raskog cart make it a perfect option for adding flowers because your vase will be protected from being jostled off the side.