We Tested Honest's New Sustainable Cleaning Line—Consider Us Impressed

Reusable bottles feel chic, and concentrated refills help reduce waste

Honest cleaning products

The Spruce / Ginger Cowles

Just months after the launch of her disinfectant spray and alcohol wipes, Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is launching the new Conscious Cleaning collection, a sustainable solution that seeks to reduce waste without compromising on effectiveness, Alba says.

The launch includes three types of cleaners—glass, bathroom, and multi-surface—but like other waste-conscious companies, this line’s cleaning power comes in the form of tiny reusable “pods.” 

Honest sent us the Conscious Cleaning Clean Vibes Kit to try. The kit, which is sold on Amazon and Honest.com, includes:

  • 3 reusable spray bottles
  • Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner Refill (x2 pods per refill)
  • Glass Concentrated Cleaner Refill (x2 pods per refill)
  • Bathroom Concentrated Cleaner Refill (x2 pods per refill)
  • Palo Santo Stick
  • Reusable Microfiber Cloth
Honest cleaning kit


First Impressions

The bottles feel chic, with squared edges and glass-look plastic that make me feel slightly better about wiping away the latest stain my toddler has blessed my walls with. 

The products are easy to use.

The pods, which are really tiny plastic sachets filled with a concentrated liquid cleaning solution, arrived in a container about the size of a small prescription medication bottle. It took just a few minutes to prep the product on first use—simply drop the whole sachet into the coordinating bottle (no need to open it as the sachet will dissolve)—add 28 ounces of water (we used filtered tap), wait a couple minutes, and shake to combine. The sachet may take a few minutes to dissolve completely. Then it’s ready to use.

The products work.

We tried the multi-surface cleaner on random stains of unknown origin on our pantry doors. We wiped away smudges from baseboards, presumably from our beloved pup. We easily banished dried remnants of a facial scrub from our vanity with the bathroom cleaner, and the glass cleaner left our mirrors sparkling clean and streak free. Overall, we were impressed. Plus, they’re all grapefruit scented (“pomelo spritz”), which we love. 

pomelo-scented Honest multi-surface cleaner


The products are eco-friendly. Some quick stats:

  • The bottles and pumps are both designed to be refilled up to 450 times, which the company says helps to avoid contributing to the millions of bottles of household surface cleaners that may end up in a landfill. 
  • The refill pods weigh next to nothing, which helps contribute to a lighter footprint and lower gas emissions. We weighed one (the bottle and refill pods), and it came in at 22 grams. The are so small they fit in your mailbox, Alba said.

If you've trying to incorporate more green products, this line may be a good starting point.