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In 2015 Weber revamped their line of Charcoal Grills. Handles that were once welded in place have been turned 90 degrees and bolted in place. Heat deflectors have been added to the lid handle on the larger units and legs have been changed to make them more secure. For the most part, the average person isn't going to notice much of a difference. Added to the line, is the return of the Master Touch Grill, which is a 22.5-inch diameter unit with all the bells and whistles. One last note, names...MORE have been changed and the diameter measurements have been rounded off so the 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold, is now known as the Original Kettle Premium 22.

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    Consider this the 14 1/2-inch version of the iconic Weber Kettle charcoal grill. Yes, this is small, lightweight, and at around $40USD, the least expensive Weber on the market. Yes, this is a portable, but a classic grill that sits on balconies around the world. Great for throwing in the trunk and taking to the beach, this is the best portable charcoal grill you can buy.

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    Add ten dollars and a locking lid to the standard Smokey Joe and you get this "premium" model. The only problem with this version of Weber's portable charcoal grills is that the bottom vent has been moved to the sides (so sparks can't fall out the bottom). This reduces the airflow and that means if you want the Weber portable grill, buy the standard model above.

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    The Jumbo Joe has the same cooking area (240 square inches) as the original Weber Kettle for years ago in a portable form. The lid locks in place for easy transport and at only ten dollars more (sells around $60USD) than the Smokey Joe Premium you really have to ask why you wouldn't buy this one. The bowl is not as deep as a standard Weber charcoal grill, but the cooking characteristics are pretty close. This is a portable that can cook for a crowd.

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    Available in Europe and exclusive to Walmart in North America the Jumbo Joe Premium is the least expensive full-sized Weber charcoal grill on the market. This has 363 square inches of cooking space in a Jumbo Joe body, meaning a shallow bowl that can limit heat distribution, but at $30USD less than the Original Kettle, this is a good choice for the person who wants a Weber, but doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

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    This is the descendent of the original Weber grill from more than 50 years ago. While small, it still has room for most people. This is a basic grill and the question to ask is the size seems a little small, is why not spend the extra $20USD and get the 22-inch version (below).

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    This is a basic charcoal grill, but with 363 square inches of cooking space, this has the versatility to do most anything. In fact, this charcoal grill actually makes a pretty good low and slow smoker. Everything on the list below is based on this body but with added convenience, not added versatility. This is the Weber Kettle to buy. Anything more is extra features that while cool, are not entirely necessary.

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    The Premium adds a lid mounted thermometer that isn't terribly accurate but can be very helpful for adjusting temperature, and a bottom mounted ash catcher which is a nice convenience. The question to ask is, does this justify the extra $50USD to the price tag. To be honest, I like these extra features and do recommend this model over the one above (Weber Original Kettle 22), but if the price is an issue, skip the convenience and save the money.

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    The Master Touch was once a mainstay of the Weber Charcoal line. Reintroduced with 2015 this is the Weber 22 fully loaded with every feature they have available. What that means is that this is the Original Kettle Premium 22 plus Weber's Gourmet BBQ System line of cooking accessories that includes items like a pizza stone, a wok, and much more (sold separately). The Master Touch runs around $200USD or $50USD more than the grill above. The question to ask is whether or not you want to buy...MORE these accessories. The Gourmet BBQ System is available separately and can be purchased to fit any 22-inch charcoal grill.

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    This is the exception to what I said above about most of these grills being built on the 22-inch grill body. This monster has 508 square inches of cooking space, making is a huge charcoal grill capable of cooking for the proverbial army. At $350USD, this is one of the most expensive of the Weber Charcoal Grills, the same price as the Performer Premium below that comes on a large cart with a big table. Other than that, this has the features of the Original Kettle Premium 22. You buy this grill of...MORE the size.

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    This $250USD charcoal grill has all the features and capabilities of the Master Touch above, but mounted on a wheeled cart with fold down side table. The real advantage is that Weber's three-legged design on most of its grills is a little top heavy. This is a much more stable grill, though for $50USD more than the Master Touch, the choice is really up to you.

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    This Performer gets a much larger tables and a plastic tub for storing charcoal. The table is nice, very nice, but at $100USD more than the standard Performer above it seems like a kind of expensive table. One point also, the old Performer has a thick plastic table, but that has been replaced by a metal table top. Not necessarily an improvement, but it actually makes the unit a little lighter. My recommendation on this model is to either save the $100USD and get the grill above, or pay the extra...MORE $50USD and get the one below (the Performer Deluxe) that has a gas powered charcoal ignition system.

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    This is the pinnacle of the Weber Charcoal Grill Line. The one feature this grill has is a gas powered charcoal ignition system that makes lighting charcoal as easy as pushing a button. This works with a one pound propane cylinder that fires a 10,000 BTU burner inside the grill. Place the charcoal over that burner, turn on the gas, push the button, and wait for 10 minutes. Charcoal will be burning and ready to cook. If you have the money (around $400USD), then buy this grill.

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    The Weber Ranch is one of the largest charcoal grills on the market. The Weber grill starts with the classic 18-inch kettle grill. This model has four times the cooking area of that grill. With all the features, versatility, and temperature control of its smaller siblings, this has been a popular albeit expensive solution of country clubs and anyone who might need to grill 50 burger patties at a time. Of course, a grill this size presents of logistical challenges like cleaning, refueling, and...MORE keeping covered.