Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill
Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill. Weber-Stephen Products Company

The Bottom Line

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For more than two decades, the Weber Genesis Gas Grills, in all their incarnations have been at the top of sales lists and best product reviews. The one thing that has remained the same is that the Genesis has always had three burners. This one size fits all strategy is now over. For 2017, the Weber Genesis comes in two, three, four, and six burner configurations. This one, the deluxe version of their three burner model, is a fully loaded, high-end grill.

Weber has completely redesigned the burners, ignitors and added compatibility for their iGrill 3 Bluetooth temperature monitoring system.


  • Solid construction of durable parts
  • Complete 10-year warranty
  • Weber Support
  • Very even heat


  • Maximum heat output is comparatively low


  • Three 14,500 BTU top ported stainless steel burners
  • 513 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 669 square inches
  • 43,500 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 12,000 BTU standard brass capped side burner under a flush mounted cover
  • Automatic electric ignition
  • Stainless steel Rod cooking grates
  • Constructed of cast aluminum, enameled steel, and stainless steel
  • Dual layer stainless steel hood
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Handle mounted grill light
  • Enclosed cart design with external tank mounting
  • Sold as Propane or Natural Gas - Not convertible
  • Complete 10-year warranty
  • Propane tank, cover, and rotisserie kit sold separately
  • Made in the United States 


Guide Review - Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill

In the past, if you wanted a Weber Genesis Gas Grill, your choices included colors, whether or not to have a side burner, and a few minor cosmetic elements, like stainless steel hood and doors. Now, this ever popular grill can be had in a number of sizes, ranging from a small two-burner unit to the monster six-burner.

The LX series of Genesis grills takes the line to a new high-end position. Where the standard Genesis II is made in China, the LX series is made in the United States in the same factor that once made all of the Genesis and Summit series gas grills.

But it isn't just the variety in the number of burners (there are also two, four and six burner versions of this model). The entire cooking system has been redesigned, most notably, the burners with what they call the GS4 cooking system. In the past, the burners on a Weber gas grill were the typical stainless steel tubular burners. The new burners are rectangular, top ported and tapered. What this means is that the fire shots directly up into the "flavorizer" bars and are tapered to provide an even heat front to back. Simply put, the pressure inside the burner is the same all they way through, so the flames have the exact same pressure through every port. This gives the Genesis, one of the most even heats of any gas grill on the market. 

The other innovation with the model is the new ignition system. Turn the control knobs and the igniters continuously keep the burners lit. These igniters sit under a protective cuff that Weber is confident will allow them to last for ten years.

They even warranty the ignition system for that long, giving this grill the longest and most complete warranty in the industry. Weber's legendary support remains unchanged and with this warranty, the rest of the business is going to have to catch up on reliability. 

The Genesis II LX S-340 is a full feature grill. It has three main burners, a good quality side burner and a long list of bells and whistles. These include a tank scale, illuminated control panel and complete compatibility with Weber's iGrill 3 technology. With this added feature, you can monitor the grills cooking temperature as well as multiple food items. It will also monitor fuel levels and remotely control the lights in the control panel. For a list price of $1,499USD (typically selling for $1,299USD) this is a large, but simple gas grill.

The price of this grill is relatively high, but the construction quality is excellent and it more than delivers on all of its promises.

The one odd, even humorous feature of this gas grill is that the burners have a "High Plus" setting, meaning that you can literally turn the heat to 11. "Spinal Tap" fans will get the argument that maybe high should have just been hotter and that there isn't a point in a "High Plus" setting.