Weber Original Kettle 18

Weber Original Kettle 18
Weber Original Kettle 18. Weber-Stephen Products Company

The Bottom Line

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This is the grill that launched the Weber Company. While small and simple, this is the classic charcoal grill that seems to show up everywhere. This grill is so iconic that in some parts of the world a charcoal grill, regardless of the maker, is known as a Weber. This size is perfect for the small family but is a little limited when it comes to large quantities of food or doing a lot of indirect cooking.

Certainly there are less expensive charcoal grills, but this one lasts a long time, is very efficient, and will do so much more than the cheap imitators.


  • Simple to use
  • Good temperature control


  • Small size can limit versatility


  • 240 square inches of primary grilling space
  • Aluminum vents and ash catcher that can't rust
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handles
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA by the Weber-Stephen Products Company

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Guide Review - Weber Original Kettle 18 Charcoal Grill

The Weber Kettle grill is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor cooking equipment ever invented. This 18 1/2 inch diameter charcoal grill is small, but with enough room to meet most families needs. What has always made this design stand out is the excellent temperature control that lets this charcoal grill cook hot and fast and low and slow. This makes the Weber Kettle not only a great grill but a pretty good smoker as well.

This means, that while this smaller version has limited capacity, it is one of the least expensive smokers on the market.

The Weber Original Kettle 18 is the small and basic version of this grill but still has everything needed to make it a great product. The second you take the last burger off this grill close down the vents and let the lack of oxygen kill the fire.

This will stop the remaining coals from burning any further. This version doesn't have a built-in ash catcher, but it is still pretty easy to keep clean. The handle on the bottom turns the vent but also sweeps out the ashes from the grill to fall into the little aluminum tray under the grill.

With practice controlling the temperature with this grill is easy. Once you have a handle on this the versatility of this charcoal grill really comes through.

Looking for something a little larger? Try the Weber Original Kettle 22 for about $20USD more.

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