Websites that Let You Make Wish Lists for Free

Make Gift Giving Easier for Everyone

Gift registries used to be available only for weddings, but soon they opened up for baby showers as well. Now you can create a registry, or wish list, for any occasion. Create one for each of your kids and make birthdays and holidays less stressful for relatives. They'll know exactly what you want, you won't be disappointed, and the gift-giving process becomes easier for everyone. 

This list gives you the top-recommended wish list registries currently available. They're all free! If...MORE you venture out to find one on your own, look for a site that

  • has a wide range of recommended available products for you to add
  • allows you to create multiple lists
  • is free, or very low-cost
  • gives you rewards or coupons (these are usually store-specific wish lists)
  • is easy to use, for both you and the people you share it with
  • can be easily kept up-to-date, with features that allow others to mark what was bought
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    Amazon was one of the first sites that encouraged the creation of personal wish lists for birthdays and holidays. When they first introduced the idea you were limited to the products that Amazon carries. Now, with the simple click of a button, you can add an item from anywhere on the web. You can keep your lists organized and others can easily buy it, no searching required.

    In addition to books, CDs, and movies, you can find clothes, electronics, household items, tools, school supplies, furniture...MORE and even grocery items. As a bonus, has great discounts and free shipping on many of their products.

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    Pinterest is one way to save all of your wish list items and share them with others.
    Pinterest is one way to save all of your wish list items and share them with others. Lucidio Studios Inc./Moment/Getty Images

    Although Pinterest doesn't allow you to buy directly from the site, it's an easy way to quickly save products you come across as you search the web. An easy-to-install web browser extension allows you to save any picture across the web with a simple click of a button to organized boards that you create.

    You do need an account to use Pinterest, but it's free and boards are easy to share with anyone you choose to. You can follow your favorite people for ideas in one go-to spot too.

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    Use to create a shareable wish list.
    Use to create a shareable wish list. William Andrew/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

    I like this wish list for two reasons: you can easily import your wish list to it, and you can scan items of barcodes with your phone to add to your list. This way, you'll never forget about an item you wanted to buy at the store. Plus you can integrate this service with Facebook for easy sharing!

  • 04 of 04 is a free service that allows you to make a shareable wish list for free. is a free service that allows you to make a shareable wish list for free. Tiina & Geir/Cultura/Getty Images is a basic wish list site without any of the social networking bells and whistles some other sites have. That said, in addition to using an easy-to-use bookmarklet to add items from anywhere ​across the web, you can use a camera phone to send items directly to your account while out shopping. Now that's a feature most other services don't offer!

    Another perk: the website sends you the best deals and price alerts so that you (and others) can save money on the things you want....MORE Plus, if you know someone who has a wish list you can easily search it up and surprise them with a wanted gift.