Wedding Bouquets for Brides Who Love Flowers

For some brides, choosing the flowers for the wedding bouquet is a brief process; a matter of budget bouquet A or premium bouquet B. Some women relish the chance to work with a florist to create an arrangement rich in personal meaning and sentiment. A bridal bouquet carried on a woman's wedding day may bear a fragrance that brings her back to her grandmother's garden, or it may convey a message in the language of flowers meant for only one recipient to decipher. If the bridal bouquet is more than a blip on your wedding planning radar, look to these sumptuous arrangements for inspiration. 

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    Pretty Peonies

    Rose and peony bouquet
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    Layers upon layers of peony petals nearly overwhelm the senses with floral fabulousness, requiring a few select sprigs of greenery to add a calm note to this bouquet. Nothing more is required, except a few matching pastel pink roses.

    Remember that the season for peonies is limited to late April through early June, and at other times of the year peony flowers will not only be twice the price but will not live up to a bride's expectation of softball-sized blooms. 

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    Springtime Blooms

    Tulips, roses, and sweet peas in a bridal bouquet
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    Tulips, roses, and sweet pea flowers make this seasonal spring bouquet especially fragrant. A moody mauve ribbon tie keeps the arrangement from looking too sweet and would complement a vintage theme perfectly. Other ideas for vintage wedding bouquets include fastening an antique broach or heirloom lace strip to the bouquet wrap or adding a photo charm of an ancestor to the wrap. 

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    Formal Appeal

    Purple roses, calla lilies, and stephanotis flowers
    Pete Ark/Moment/Getty Images

    Reminiscent of the Biedermeier style of flower arranging, this formal bridal bouquet features purple roses, white calla lilies, and traditional stephanotis blossoms. If you crave that same juicy grape hue in your roses, some varieties that will deliver include 'Moody Blues,' 'Cool Paris,' 'Queen of the Night,' and 'Blueberry.' 

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    Get to Know Hyacinths

    Hyacinth Bouquet
    Young Kyun Jin/EyeEm/Getty Images

    Hyacinths are underused as a wedding flower, but their fragrance and lush assemblage of florets make them worthy of consideration for winter and spring brides. Hyacinths are one of the easiest bulbs to force, meaning they are available offseason to brides at a reasonable price.

    Experienced green thumb brides may choose to force their own hyacinths for the wedding flower arrangements. Hyacinths need between 12 to 14 weeks of cold treatment at 35 to 45 F. Following that, it will take between two to three weeks for the bulbs to bloom in a sunny, 68 F window. Force three groups of bulbs a week apart to guarantee that one group will be in full bloom on your wedding day!

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    On a Budget

    Daisy and Carnation Bouquet
    i love images/Cultura/Getty Images

    A simple yet stunning pink carnation bouquet studded with daisies proves you can have an interesting bridal arrangement on a budget. The blue hydrangea adds a focal point and an element of mystery. 

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    Mix it Up With Greenery

    Orchid and African Milkweed Bouquet
    Lisa B./Corbis/Getty Images

    To keep these pink cymbidium orchids from looking overly fancy, a clever florist added a tropical twist by pairing them with the downright quirky spheres of African milkweed. Other unusual greenery choices that can give a bride a signature look include lily grass, puzzle sticks, and tree fern. 

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    Try a Pomander

    Bridal pomander
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    Pomanders often make an appearance at weddings as bridesmaid bouquets or flower girl accessories, but why not as a bridal bouquet? When fashioned with premium flowers, like roses, hydrangeas, and orchids, the pomander is a playful arrangement that a bride can carry on her wrist at the reception, leaving her hands free for dining and dancing. 

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    A Little Bit of Everything

    Mixed Bridal Bouquet
    Alexandra Grablewski/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    If you're finding it difficult to choose which flowers to include in your bridal bouquet, then don't! A huge apricot dahlia takes center stage, and the rest of what you decide to include in your summer medley is up to you. Scabiosa, drumstick alliums, Queen Anne's lace, and ranunculus are just a few of the flower aficionado's possible selections. 

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    Cascades Go Modern

    White Teardrop Bouquet
    Franz Waldhausi/imageBROKER/Getty Images

    Over the top cascading bouquets seem like a relic from the 1980's, but when modified, the teardrop bouquet seems fresh and relevant. This arrangement features calla lilies, roses, and lisianthus flowers. The clean lines and classic white colors look modern and elegant. 

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    Blue Bridal Bouquets

    Blue Bridal Bouquet
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    When it comes to blue wedding flowers, there doesn't seem to be a wrong way to mix up colors and bloom types. Is blue the new neutral in floral arranging? This bouquet features a winning combination of bachelor's buttons, lisianthus, spiky purple veronica flower, and a smattering of daisy-like chrysanthemums.