Month of the Wedding Checklist

bride in wedding gown at dress shop
Terry Vine/Getty Images

The month of your wedding is finally here. Hopefully, you've been following our handy checklist and are awaiting the big day instead of wishing you had two extra weeks.

As any bride-to-be knows, being organized pays off. This month there are just a few more things to do to make sure everything's perfect before you get to marry the one you love and enjoy your special day.

The Month of Your Wedding

  • ____ Apply for your marriage license.
  • ____ Have your final gown fitting. It's helpful to have a bridesmaid with you to learn how to bustle your train, fasten any tricky buttons and, let's face it, help you go to the bathroom.
  • ____ Check with your bridesmaids and groomsmen to make sure they've gotten their attire, confirm their arrival times, and answer any last-minute questions.
  • ____ Contact your vendors (officiant, florist, photographer, videographer, transportation, caterer, pastry chef, DJ/band, hotels, etc.) to confirm arrival and delivery times.
  • ____ Write and print your wedding program.
  • ____ Create welcome baskets or bags for out-of-town guests.
  • ____ Write thank you cards for any wedding gifts you've already received.
  • ____ Ask your mother or maid of honor to contact any guests who have not RSVP'd.

One to Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

  • ____ Arrange a seating plan and make place cards.
  • ____ Give your final headcount to your caterer and confirm any last-minute details.
  • ____ Write toasts for the rehearsal dinner and reception.
  • ____ Break in your wedding shoes. You don't want a bad blister ruining your night.
  • ____ Arrange for a plant waterer/pet sitter/babysitter while you are on your honeymoon.
  • ____ Pick up your wedding dress.
  • ____ Attend your bachelor party or bachelorette party if you have them.
  • ____ Send your travel plans and contact information to a family member and your house sitter in case of emergency.
  • ____ Finalize the seating chart.

The Day Before Your Wedding

  • ____ Do something to relax and enjoy the company of your out-of-town friends.
  • ____ Assign responsibilities to your wedding party, i.e., handing out corsages and boutonnieres, greeting and seating guests, acting as a point of contact with vendors, etc.
  • ____ Confirm wedding day transportation.
  • ____ Get a manicure and pedicure or enjoy other pre-wedding spa treatments.
  • ____ Give your wedding party gifts.
  • ____ Rehearse the ceremony.
  • ____ Attend the rehearsal dinner.

The Day of Your Wedding

  • ____ Get your flowers. Have the florist deliver them to the ceremony site or wherever the bridal party is getting ready, or have someone pick them up.
  • ____ Get your hair and makeup done with your bridesmaids.
  • ____ Give thank you gifts to your parents.
  • ____ Enjoy your wedding!