Happily Ever After: Wedding Cross Stitch Patterns Ideas and Gifts

11 Wedding Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

No Basic Stitches

 It seems that summer time is the best time for a wedding. The weather usually cooperates by throwing some love in the air and making sure the special day is rain-free. If you are invited to a wedding this summer make sure you come with a unique gift in hand and not just the boring toaster. Why not stitch up a one of a kind gift for the happy wedding couple that they will treasure for a life time and will become a family heirloom. The patterns below are just a sample of the patterns out there....MORE From funky to more traditional, there is a cross stitch for everyone. 

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    Mr. and Mrs.

    There are so many traditional ways to celebrate the bride and groom. You could get them a piece of china, but fashions fade and more than likely, the platter or silverware you buy them will end up at the thrift store. Instead of the same old boring gift, why not stitch an elegant cross stitch with the date they were married. Patterns Template creation is both elegant and traditional. If black and white is not in the color scheme, you can certainly use the colors of the wedding or the household....MORE You can view all of the patterns on their website. 

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    Today We Dedicate

    Mona Eno

     A wedding is all about dedicating yourself to someone else.Remember that day and all  that it represents with this free pattern from Mona Eno. It is a very sweet traditional pattern that is perfect for practicing your lettering. 

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    Always and Forever

     It is time to pledge your love, in front of all your family and friends to that one special person. That person who will love you through sickness and health, for better or worse. Why not remember the day with this fun and colorful pattern from Stitchrovia. Their shop is full of inspirational, bright and happy quotes. You can see all the patterns at their Etsy storefront. 

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    Happy Couple


    Remember the happy couple and how beautiful they look with this free pattern from Cross Stitch Pattern.net You can include the date and names of the bride and groom as part of this pattern. You can also customize the color of the dress and play with the style.  

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    Player Two

     It's the big day. You want to pop the question but you want to do it in a spectacular way. Grab your floss and stitch up this geeky proposal. Attach the ring to the hoop and wait for the waterworks to start. StitchBucket has the best geek, nerd and fandom patterns for you to stitch up. Check out all the patterns on their website. 

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    Cute Couple

    cross stitching.biz

     If the bride and groom are friends of cutsey and cartoon inspired cross stitch patterns then this project by Cross Stitching.biz is perefect fot the happy couple. The kissing cuties would look adorable framed or on a ring pillow. 

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    The wedding was amazing, the years have past and you have settled into a married life. While the day to day life may seem mundane, each morning you wake up next to the person you love and feel nothing but happiness. Show your true one that even after all this time you still love them with this Harry Potter themed cross stitch pattern from RHT Embroidery.  This also makes a great gift for the couple who has everything.

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    Wedding Cake Announcement

     You and your sweetie have settled on the big day. Share the announcment with a Wedding Cake Announcement card from Craft Foxes. You can download this pattern and diretions for free on their website. 

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    Me and You

    No Basic Stitches

     Remember that special day and those that will follow with a customize cross stitch of you and your sweetie. No Basic Stitches will make a customize pattern of the two  (or three, or four and a dog) of you that make you smile and jump for joy. This also makes an excellent wedding present. You can customize the pattern to the wedding outfits and include names and dates. Read more about these patterns and how to order your own on their website. 

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    Love is Kind


     This passage from the bible is a wonderful reminder for the couple on those days that can get a little heated. Stitch up this pattern for newlyweds on their wedding or an anniversary. DMC offers this project for free. You can purchase supplies as well. 

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    Wedding Rings

    Cross Stitch Pattern.net

    Wedding rings are a symbol of the love that two people share. They do not need to be fancy, just a simple band. Celebrate the happy couple and their pledge of love with this free pattern from Cross Stitch Pattern.net.  

Marriage is an amazing adventure. There can be so many ups and downs but through it all there are two of you taking on the world. There is no better place to be than beside your best friend. Stitch up the love for yourself and those around you with wedding inspired cross stitch patterns. Don't settle for the run of the mill gift, create a one of a kind piece that will be treasured for many years to com and handed down for generations. Spread the love!