15 Ideas for Wedding Escort Card Displays

Escort cards with roses tied to them

 The Styled Bride

When guests arrive at your wedding reception, there will be a moment when they pause to wonder where they are sitting (and with whom!). The quickest and easiest way to offer an answer is with an escort card display. But, let us share a few more details before you set off to purchase these all-too-important pieces of stationery.

Escort cards always state at least two key pieces of information—your guests’ names and their table numbers. However, another detail to include is a stamp in the shape of a cow, chicken, fish, or vegetable. This detail notes the meal choice your guests made on their RSVP, and it’s a simple solution to guests who may forget what they ordered and catering staffs who order and prep specific amounts of each dish.

Further, sometimes the terms escort cards and place cards are used interchangeably. However, that’s not correct! Escort card displays offer guests an opportunity to learn where they are sitting before they enter your reception. Place cards are positioned at each guest’s place setting to inform them of their assigned seat at a table. Escort cards are used often, while place cards are used more infrequently because they are far more formal.

What Are Wedding Escort Cards?

While place cards assign a specific seat at a specific table, a wedding escort card lets guests choose their own seats at an assigned table. They're considered less formal than place cards and are quite popular today.

A simple card will do the trick as an escort card, but we thought we would share 15 escort card ideas that are slightly more out of the box.

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    Serving Boards

    Serving board escort cards

    This wooden serving board escort card display offers a great option for foodies! Each board represents a different table number, and each one also lists the guests sitting at each table in alphabetical order.

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    Ombre escort card design
    Style Me Pretty

    An ombre escort card display is a wonderful way to present a pop of color during your cocktail hour! This idea can easily be achieved by using watercolor paint on the front of cards, or you can use another easy-to-find supply—paint chips!

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    Sea Glass

    Sea glass escort cards

    We knew we wanted to include an option for a beach wedding, but we wanted this detail to not feel so traditional. Sea glass feels organic and whimsical at the same time, and the inclusion of white calligraphy offers a touch of elegance.

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    Flower escort jars
    Mon Cheri Bridals

    Most guests love receiving fresh flowers, and small vases filled with a few blooms is a sweet way to welcome family and friends. We think this idea is a wonderful one for more intimate weddings because flowers can become expensive, but another thought is to offer a vase of blooms to each couple rather than each guest. Keep this idea handy for bridal showers too!

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    Cork escort cards
    Martha Stewart Weddings

    If you’re hosting a wedding at a vineyard or simply love to celebrate, keep this cork escort card idea handy! These corks were spray painted in shades of metallic for a New Year’s Eve fete and a card with each name and table number was placed inside a small slit on the cork. Lying the corks down is just one way to display them; you can also stand them up just as easily.

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    Industrial Display

    Industrial display escort cards
    Every Last Detail

    Each escort card at this industrial wedding was placed inside a pocket formed at the end of each piece of fabric. We’re inspired by this idea because the display will look just as stunning throughout your wedding reception without cards as it will with cards when guests arrive. Design tip: swap out the neutral options for colorful pieces that match your wedding’s color palette.

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    Polaroid Photos

    Polaroid photo escort cards

    Guests love personalized details and so do we! One idea is to ask guests to snap a ​polaroid photo of themselves when they take their escort card because it offers you a photo of them to keep. Another thought is to include a photo of you with each guest that you took together at any point during your relationship with them. Guests will love having a photo of them with you to keep!

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    Wax Seal

    Wax seal escort cards
    Kristyn Hogan

    Classic never goes out of style! Placing a custom wax seal on escort cards is an elegant way to include your monogram by using a timeless detail. These cards a wonderful option for a black-tie wedding.

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    Acrylic wedding signs
    Green Wedding Shoes

    Wedding signs are popular (we’ve included a few!), and we love the bohemian feel of this one. The signs are printed on acrylic, an up and coming medium, and we’re drawn to the modern, see-through feel. These are fantastic to use at outdoor weddings when you don’t want to take away from the beautiful landscape.

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    Party Animal

    Animal clothespins on escort card
    April Lynn Designs

    Your guests are arriving at your wedding party, so why not offer a fun take on the phrase “party animal” with gold spray painted animal escort cards? Even though they’re whimsical, these escorts don’t lose an ounce of elegance.

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    Luggage Tags

    Luggage tag escort cards
    Every Last Detail

    Whether you love to travel or you’re hosting a destination wedding, luggage tags are always a fun piece to incorporate into your travel theme celebration! Place guests’ names and table numbers on the card inside the tag. The best part—these luggage tags serve as fun favors too!

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    Pet escort cards
    Martha Stewart Weddings

    We can’t forget about your pets! How fun is the silhouette of the couple’s dog included on the front of each card?

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    Marble Tiles

    Marble tile escort cards
    100 Layer Cake

    Marble is one of the trendiest details, and we’re on board! Think about purchasing calligraphed marble tiles for your wedding whether it’s garden style or industrial chic.

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    Orange escort cards
    Every Last Detail

    Citrus is perfect for summer (and for weddings hosted in Florida!). The pop of orange in this escort card display is bright, and the pinned on leaves offer the perfect spot to place guests’ names and table numbers.

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    Classic escort cards on top of flowers
    Becka Pillmore Photography/The Styled Bride

    Sometimes a classic escort card is all you need! But, the flowers beneath these cards offer a beautiful, colorful base that’s more interesting than simply placing cards on top of a table.