15 Wedding Games Anyone Can Play

ring toss
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Keep your wedding guests entertained with these wedding games that anyone can play. You'll find wedding-themed games here, but you'll also find games that are great for any occasion or gathering.

Let's be honest: Wedding receptions can get boring for guests. Make sure they have a good time with wedding games that will keep guests entertained and having fun.

These are timeless games that all ages, from children to adults, will love. There's even a great collection of wedding games that can be played outside, if you are going to have an outside wedding or reception.


Want to make sure your guests get into the competition? Consider giving small prizes away to the winner of the games.

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    Wooden dice in a yard

    Our Handcrafted Life

    Yardzee is a fun yard game that features giant dice that can be rolled across the yard. There are directions on how to make the dice so you can have your own set. There are also printable instructions so everyone knows the rules. Also included is a free scoring sheet so the guests can get competitive as individuals or teams.

    Yardzee from Our Handcrafted Life

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    Wedding Mad Libs

    Wedding party in garden

    Heide Benser/Getty Images

    If you'd like to have some wedding-themed games at your reception, here's a fun one that will have your guests rolling in the aisles. There are three different Mad Libs here covering the bachelorette party, the proposal story, and honeymoon plans. Each one is funnier than the next! Have your guests pair up or get into groups to complete them. The funniest one wins!

    Wedding Mad Libs from Something Turquoise

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    Giant Jenga

    A giant JENGA game on a table

    Girl, Just DIY!

    How about a giant Jenga game for your wedding? It certainly will make an impression! Have it set up outside and you bet guests will be wandering over to take part in the fun. There's a free DIY plan here that will show you how to make the Jenga pieces.

    Giant Jenga from Girl, Just DIY!

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    Wedding Scavenger Hunt

    Woman photographing bride and groom drinking champagne

    Todd Pearson/Getty Images

    Not only is this a fun wedding game, but it's also a great way to get your guests involved in capturing the special moments at your wedding. This wedding scavenger hunt has guests take photos of things like a wedding cake, guests at their table, children dancing, and more. You could even add your own ideas if you'd like.

    Wedding Scavenger Hunt from Lovely Planner

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    Two cornhole boards

    Girl, Just DIY!

    Everyone likes a fun game of cornhole, so it makes sense to have it as a wedding game. This tutorial will take you through making the cornhole boards if you'd like to give that a try. The American Cornhole Association has a set of rules if you'd like to make sure everyone plays a fair game.

    Cornhole from Girl, Just DIY!

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    Photo Booth

    photo booth props

    Alberto Molinero/Getty Images

    A popular activity to have at a wedding is a photo booth. Here are 65 free wedding photo booth props that you can use in your photo booth. Make it a game by giving awards to the funniest photos.

    Photo Booth Props from Shutterfly

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    Wooden blocks in a yard

    Our Handcrafted Life

    Kubb is another lawn game that has giant wooden pieces that guests will have to use to play the game. There are directions here on how to play Kubb, which is a great team game. Also included is a tutorial on how to cut the pieces so you can make your own set of pieces for Kubb (but know that you can also buy a set, if desired).

    Kubb from Our Handcrafted Life

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    Wedding Bingo

    Midsection Of Man Holding Bingo Game

    Cinthia Martins Dos Santos Peixoto/Getty Images

    Wedding bingo is a great game for your wedding because it's great for small groups all the way up to big crowds. These free, printable wedding bingo cards can be downloaded and printed in a matter of minutes. It's an easy game that everyone will love.

    Wedding Bingo from The Spruce

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    A washers game

    Sugar & Cloth

    Put together a few of these washer games with copper pipes from the tutorial over at Sugar & Cloth. You could place them on reception tables or keep them outside. Washers is a simple game to learn and guests of all ages will want to play.

    Washers from Sugar & Cloth

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    Ring Toss

    A ring toss game in a yard

    The Crafty Gentleman

    Guests of all ages will love playing ring toss. It's a fun game that can be picked up in seconds. This DIY project will show you how to make a ring toss game that you can use for your wedding reception or any other occasion.

    Ring Toss from The Crafty Gentleman

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    Famous Couples Matching Game

    Celebrities posing for paparazzi on red carpet

    Robert Daly/Getty Images

    This Famous Couples from History, Art, and Literature matching game will ask guests to match together the famous couples as quickly as they can. There are 26 matches to find and the winner is the one who can do it the quickest without any mistakes.

    Famous Couples Matching Game from Flanders Family Homelife

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    Flamingo Ring Toss

    Plastic flamingos with rings

    Sugar & Cloth

    Here's another ring toss game that features pink flamingos, or any other lawn ornament, that you might want. Toss the rings around the birds and whoever gets the most is declared the winner. This is a quick DIY project that anyone would be able to handle.

    Flamingo Ring Toss from Sugar & Cloth

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    Wooden Sudoku

    A wooden game on a table

    The Crafty Gentleman

    This is a great tabletop game that can be placed right on the reception tables. It's a wooden Sudoku game that uses colors instead of numbers. You can make these wooden Sudoku games by following the step-by-step tutorial over at The Crafty Gentleman.

    Wooden Sudoku from The Crafty Gentleman

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    How Well Do You Know the Bride & Groom?

    Bride and groom close up

    Peter Dazely/Getty Images

    Although typically played at a bridal shower, How Well Do You Know the Bride & Groom? is a game that asks the guests 20 questions. These questions are about the bride and the groom. They can range from questions about their childhood to something more recent, like questions about their relationship. This free printable already has the questions all ready to go.

    How Well Do You Know the Bride & Groom? from Something Turquoise

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    wooden game tic tac toe

    Vladyslav Senchenko/Getty Images

    Here's an idea for an easy wedding game: Create some tic-tac-toe boards and set them out on your reception tables. You can go as simple or elaborate as you want in creating these tic-tac-toe boards. Everyone knows how to play, so the fun can start instantly.

    Tic-Tac-Toe from The Spruce Crafts