The Best Wedding Gifts for Your Groom


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    A Great Piece of Luggage


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    Hopefully, you and your betrothed will be headed off on a honeymoon shortly after your wedding. If your groom hasn't packed yet (hey, he's been busy!) he'll be doubly appreciative of a great piece of luggage to fling all his getaway clothes into at the last minute. A carry-on is the way to go here, and we love the new "smart" luggage that comes equipped with a charging dock for your devices.

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    A Vinyl Record Player

    Record player

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    Does your man love music? Upgrade his listening experience (and yours, too) with a vinyl record player. There are tons of affordable versions out there, and because they're so trendy, vinyl albums of music both old and new are widely available. Give him a head-start on the soundtrack to your new lives by gifting him the player with a few records to go with it—we vote for classics like Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and The Beach Boys. Check out your local vintage or second-hand stores for other finds from the past.

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    An Heirloom-Worthy Watch



    Not for the faint of heart, the gift of a classic, iconic watch is one that your groom will cherish for a lifetime, and will pass down for generations to come. Of course, there are puns to be made about a "timeless" gift, and you can leave a little note with the gift box that says something along the lines of, "You better not be late!" But more importantly, this gift serves as a symbol of your enduring, true love.

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    A Camera for the Honeymoon



    Capture the best moments of your honeymoon and those early, heady days of marriage with a sleek, vintage-looking-but-entirely-new camera. These compact cameras pack all the punch you'd expect from a modern digital camera, with all the appeal of photography from a bygone era. Plus, having a camera at the ready might encourage you to keep your phone away while traveling.

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    The Perfect Kitchen Set

    Set of pots and pans


    ​If you didn't register for gifts for your wedding, consider taking it upon yourself to outfit your kitchen with some high-quality cooking essentials. You and your groom will enjoy kicking off married life in the kitchen, trying out recipes and perhaps even creating your own date night "in" tradition.

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    Single Malt Whisky

    Bottle of whisky

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    Simple, classic, and always appreciated, a bottle of his favorite top-shelf liquor is the perfect low-key groom's gift. If you're not looking to overdo this particular wedding tradition, you can easily swing this small gift to show your favorite guy that you love him. He'll appreciate the gesture, and it'll be there in case he needs to steady his nerves with a little sip on the big day.

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    Wireless Headphones


    Mr Porter 

    Ideal for commuting and travel, a really nice set of over-ear wireless headphones make for a cool and thoughtful groom's gift idea. He can charge them up and wear them around the house while working or cleaning, without bringing his device with him. Catching up on podcasts and blasting your favorite playlist (in private) has never been easier or more stylish.

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    An Expert-Level Grill

    Big Green Egg

    Turner Home 

    There's a reason the Big Green Egg is so popular! This kamado-style ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker is ridiculously versatile—it can act as a grill, smoker or oven to cook just about anything your hubby can dream of. This makes a great groom's gift for the guy who loves to host and cook, and has big plans for that backyard of yours. (The Big Green Egg comes in a variety of sizes at a variety of price points, ranging from XXLarge to Mini.)

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    An Espresso Machine

    Espresso machine


    If your groom is a bit of a coffee fiend or even an espresso snob—he won't be able to resist the appeal of a deluxe coffee maker. We love the Virtuoline series from Nespresso for two simple reasons: They look beautiful on the kitchen counter, and they make both American coffee and Italian espresso. 

    Plus, if you want, you could have the machine already set up with coffee pods at the ready in his groom's suit for him and the guys to caffeinate before the ceremony.

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    A Honeymoon Experience

    Hawaiian island 

    For this gift, all you need to leave for your groom to find is a hand-written note, and perhaps a photograph. Giving your guy an experience while on your honeymoon is a thoughtful and surprising gesture. We suggest something you can do together, of course, like a class, an adventure or a spa treatment. Couples massage? Why not! Or how about a fly fishing class on your rustic mountain getaway, or a helicopter ride over the jungle coast of Hawaii? Anything that will make your trip more memorable and relaxing!

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