Wedding Lighting at Any Budget

Create the Perfect Ambiance at Your Reception With Affordable Lighting Options

Hanging Candles in a tree at a wedding
Hanging Candles are a magical way to add lighting to your wedding reception. Bushturkey Studio / Getty Images

No matter what sort of space you're working with for your wedding and reception, there is one element that can drastically transform your event: lighting! The right lighting can set the mood and completely change the look and feel of a room, turning it from dull and dark to magical! Creating beautiful lighting arrangements for your reception is actually very simple and affordable, so you can totally do it yourself with the help of the right tools. We asked a few experts in the field to share some ideas and tips for beautiful ways to incorporate lighting into your wedding on any size budget. 

Audrey Isaac of says, "Believe it or not, lighting is an aspect that can transform a wedding into something magical while still staying in budget. Candles, LED lights, and rentable equipment are all ways to light up the night without breaking the bank."

LED Lights

When it comes to wedding lighting, LEDs are the gold standard. “Products that use LED technology, are among the highest in demand. They’re low-wattage and have long battery life, which is particularly useful if you plan to repurpose them from the rehearsal dinner to the wedding to even the post-reception festivities." 

Want to get creative? Consider hanging your lighting from above for a fairytale feel. “We love the whimsical look of battery-operated candles suspended in beautiful containers from trees or even a clothesline over a ceremony or reception site. There is a myriad of options for containers and we often suggest exploring your options at hardware stores, home décor shops, overstock websites, and craft stores.” From mason jars to glass ornaments, glowing orbs hanging around your event will create the most magical mood for your reception.


If you don't want to rely on electricity or battery-operated lighting, Isaac suggests using candles to set the mood and add some ambiance to your reception space. "Candles bring elements of romance and intimacy, which is perfect for a wedding. Paired with their affordability, candles are truly the key to a dream wedding on a budget!"

How to Save on Wedding Lighting

Want to get the best prices on your wedding lighting? Consider purchasing your lights or candles in bulk to get a discount. "An easy way to save on candles, LEDs, and other decor is to buy in bulk. You'll save on the price per product and there's surely a way to repurpose any extras into your home!" Check out wholesalers and big box stores like Amazon when searching for bulk lighting or candles.

If you have a limited budget but want professional lighting for your wedding reception, what's the best bang for your buck? According to Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services, the easiest way to transform your space is with uplighting. "Uplights are the base of any great lighting design, so this is a great place to start when thinking about lighting and budget. It will help add a wow factor to your photos while transforming the room and adding color."

Easy Lighting Upgrades

If you still have some room in the budget after your uplights and want to raise the bar, Dennis also suggests adding some GOBO washes or spotlights. "The patterns from the GOBO washes add some texture, and the spotlights will highlight your floral arrangements and make them pop in your photos."

All of these arrangements and suggestions are simple enough to do yourself, so check out options for renting this equipment for your reception from services like Rent My Wedding

Tips for Beautiful Wedding Lighting on a Budget

  • Buy your lights in bulk to save money.
  • Consider LED lights because they are inexpensive and long-lasting.
  • Repurpose the lighting throughout your other celebrations (rehearsal dinner, late-night parties, post-wedding brunch, etc).
  • Post-wedding, you can repurpose the candles in your new home together.