The Ultimate Wedding Reception Music Playlist

Don't Miss a Song With This Music Checklist!

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Whether you are DJing your own wedding, using a professional musician, or hiring a stellar band, it never hurts to be organized when it comes to your wedding playlist. The wedding reception music guide that you will find below is a handy worksheet that lets wedding staff and special guests know which song to play and when. This planning tool is another sure way to avoid awkwardly standing out on the dance floor while waiting for the DJ to find the right song as well!

How to Manage Your Wedding Music With the Checklist

On top of organizing your wedding playlist, you can also utilize this list as a wedding reception music checklist, to make sure you have picked out music for all the important, key moments on your special day. Feel free to omit any specific song events that do not apply to your personal ceremony and remember to add any special moments that require songs, that are unique to you. The starred items * are music moments that most receptions include.

Additionally, you can use the following music checklist to create a general wedding reception timeline which will help you with the overall pacing throughout the ceremony, including ending the evening on time. Simply add the time and song next to the event!

Type of Music to Consider for Your Wedding Guests

In consideration with the checklist below, keep your guests in mind when selecting songs. You may have a wide variety of wedding guests, from elderly family members to thirty-something friends from college.

Consider selecting a diverse set of tunes that will satisfy everyone and keep people on their toes throughout the night as you mix it up in the introduction to the party, at the bouquet toss and on the dance floor.

In fact, one tip is to request songs from your RSVP's, especially special guests. One way you could do this is through your wedding website or Facebook Group depending on your communication style with guests.

This is a great way to set up a landing page with requests or post a poll to garner responses. Of course, you could still keep it somewhat a surprise but still get a taste for what people would like to hear. On the flip side, consider songs that are an absolute no for your big day. If there are any songs you do not want to be played, consider giving that list to the DJ or other organizers to ensure this does not mess with your plan!

Wedding Reception Music Checklist and Plan