Wedding Reception Music Plan

Don't Miss a Song With This Music Checklist

Whether you're DJing your own wedding, using a pro, or hiring a stellar band, it never hurts to be organized. A wedding reception music plan is a handy worksheet that insures everyone knows which song to play when. (Let's avoid awkwardly standing out on the dance floor while waiting for the DJ to find the right song, shall we? )

As a bonus, you can also use this as a wedding reception music checklist, to make sure you've picked out music for all the important moments.

I've made this a comprehensive list, but obviously you should omit anything that doesn't apply to your reception. The starred items * are ones that most receptions include.

You can also use this music plan to create a general wedding reception timeline which will help you with pacing and being done on time.

Wedding Reception Music Checklist and Plan

  • Cocktail Hour Must Plays* Time:_____ Song:_________________

  • Introduction of the Wedding PartyTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Introduction of the NewlywedsTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • First Dance Song* Time:_____ Song:_________________

  • Dinner Music Must Plays*Time:_____ Song:_________________

  • Toasting Music or A/V needsTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Father–Daughter Dance SongTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Mother-Son Dance SongTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Cake Cutting*Time:_____ Song:_________________

  • Garter Toss and Bouquet TossTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Garter/Bouquet Catchers DanceTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Anniversary Dance Time:_____ Song:_________________
  • General Dancing Must Plays*Time:_____ Song:_________________

  • Line Dances and Crowd DancesTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Exit SongTime:_____ Song:_________________

  • Last Song of the Night*Time:_____ Song:_________________