Wording for Wedding Shower Thank You Notes

Handwriting thank you notes
Jessica Peterson / Getty Images

Has someone thrown you a wedding shower? If so, you're surrounded by wonderful gifts that will help you and your partner get off to a great start, and it's time to thank the generous people for their thoughtfulness. The best way to do this is with a personalized thank you note.


It is a common and necessary courtesy to thank those who have showered you with gifts during your wedding shower. Take the time to leave a gracious and heartfelt impression on these guests by composing and sending out thank you cards that show just how appreciative you are of their attendance and gift. It's important to do this as soon after the shower as possible.

Tips on Sending Thank You Notes

Here are some tips to help with your shower gift thank you cards:

  • Always send the host or hostess a thank you note. You might even consider adding a gift to the note since she has gone to so much trouble for you by opening her home for the occasion. Be sure to point out how grateful you are and how much you enjoyed the shower. A gift certificate to a movie or dinner would be a nice gesture of thanks as well.
  • Take the time to handwrite your cards. Handwritten cards are more personal and they show the recipient that you took the time and effort to pen a card especially for him or her. Your card should include specific language that mentions their gift and how you will use or enjoy it in the future. Try to have these completed and mailed as soon as possible after the shower, but no later than two weeks afterward.
  • When you receive a gift that you don't like, you still need to thank the person. Be specific about the gift and let the giver know that you appreciate it. Never be negative or indicate that you plan to put it in your regift box.
  • Practice writing your notes on a separate piece of paper and then transfer the finished sentiment, in black ink, onto special Thank You stationery with matching envelopes. 
  • Use genuine and personal words to close your thanks. Two appropriate ones include Very Sincerely Yours and With Heartfelt Thanks. Or if you are close to the person, you may write something more intimate.
  • Mail your cards preferably directly from the post office. Try to avoid hand-delivering or emailing your cards.

Examples of Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

When you write your thank-you note, it's fine to keep it short and to the point. If you're close to the person who gave you the gift, add a little something extra about including them in your future plans. They'll enjoy seeing you using their gifts.

Dear Irma,
Thank you so much for the lovely placemats. The burgundy and navy design will provide the perfect accent to our place settings during dinner. George and I look forward to having you and Dan over after we get settled.
With gratitude,

Dear Sally and John,
Pete and I want to thank you for attending our couple's wedding shower and giving us the grill set. We plan to have a lot of backyard parties, so it will get used quite a bit. I'll call you when we get back from our honeymoon, so we can make plans to get together.
Friends always,

Example of Thank You Note for the Host or Hostess

Dear Trisha,
Thank you for hosting such a fabulous bridal shower for me. All of your attention to detail, from the delicious food on the buffet to the fun party games, still makes me smile. I look forward to having you and your family over soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the enclosed (name of the restaurant) gift card as an extra thanks for all you've done.

Thanking your family and friends quickly and appropriately is very important. Remember that they have taken the time to shower you with love, friendship, and a gift, just because they love and care about you.