19 Creative Wedding Sign Ideas

Mr & Mrs sign with chairs for newlyweds at wedding reception.
Drazen Zigic / Getty Images

You've got the centerpieces, the dessert table and the playlist down, but a few simple signs can really complete your wedding decor and say something about you who are as a couple. Plus, they're incredibly handy when it comes to directing your guests where they need to go or for encouraging them to post (or not post!) those embarrassing wedding pics on Instagram.

We've rounded up our favorite signs to help get the party started. 

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    Send a Message

    rustic wedding sign with greenery

    le_marigny / Instagram

    Fun signage has become a staple of wedding decor—and with so many stunning and festive options, it's not hard to see why. Whether you want to go traditional, like this gorgeous introduction sign from le_marigny, or you want something with a bit of neon, there's something for everyone.

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    Reuse a Chalkboard

    chalk board sign

    luluandtinkrentals / Instagram

    With good handwriting and a little creativity, you can easily recreate this sign from luluandtinkrentals. Repurpose a rustic chalkboard (or create one with chalkboard paint) and send your guests a fun message. We love the idea of ditching traditional seating at the ceremony, allowing your guests to sit where they please and fill out the space evenly and efficiently. 

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    Neon Lights

    neon sign that says crazy in love
    David Campbell Imagery

    There's no doubt about it—this amazing neon sign (as seen on David Campbell Imagery) will definitely turn heads and give your guests something to talk about for years to come. You can find custom neon sign artists on Etsy.com or locally who can create a message just for you. 

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    Use an Old Mirror

    wedding sign made from a mirror
    Jada Poon Photography

    Another DIY from Jada Poon Photography, this beautiful mirror sign is a great way to welcome your guests and set a classy vibe for your event. You can find stunning vintage mirrors at thrift stores or flea markets. Simply customize with spray paint and a marker, and voilà!

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    A Modern Sign Idea

    neon wedding sign
    Sarah Kate Photos

    This unique table seating chart taken by Sarah Kate Photos is a fun way to direct your guests to their table and add an Instagram-worthy backdrop for all those late-night selfies. Customized wedding paper for seating charts or menus is one easy way to add a little extra personality to your event. 

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    Curated Cocktail Menu

    wooden sign for a bar at a wedding
    Sposto Photography

    If you opted to offer signature cocktails instead of a full bar, a festive bar sign like this wooden version from Sposto Photography. Offering a signature his-and-hers cocktail not only saves money on your bar tab, but is a fun way to add a personal touch to your menu. 

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    Share Your Timeline

    wedding sign made of chalk board
    Katie Lindgren Photography

    While all of your guests probably know the groom or the bride, they may not know all about your particular love story. We spotted this adorable rustic chalkboard on Katie Lindgren Photography and think it's a great way to share your couple's timeline with family and friends. 

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    Make a Statement

    neon sign that says till death do us part
    Lauren Scotti Photography

    Taken by Lauren Scotti Photography, this is a neon sign we cannot get enough of. It packs a punch but has an artsy, Beyoncé-music-video feel that will definitely make a strong impression on your guests. If your wedding style is more modern than traditional, go for a neon sign that will let your individuality shine. 

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    The Perfect Ceremony Backdrop

    love backdrop at a wedding
    Clean Plate Pictures

    If floral arches just aren't your thing, check out this balloon backdrop from Clean Plate Pictures. It's unique, fun and totally affordable and easy to DIY. It's the perfect scene for a warehouse ceremony, as pictured here, or in a backyard or outdoor venue. 

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    Give Your Guests Important Info

    wedding sign
    Williams Photography

    A wedding sign not only adds a little spark to your decor and lets you use your creativity, it can be incredibly useful for your guests. This timeline sign from Williams Photography is a great way to give your friends and family a general overview of the night, so they know when the important speeches and dances are happening. 

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    Direct Guests

    rustic sign that says ladies

    henrysweddinghouse / Instagram

    Who says restroom signs can't be pretty? This rustic wooden sign from henrysweddinghouse is a classy way to direct guests where they need to go without distracting from the vibe of the wedding. If you're having an outdoor ceremony, especially one on a large property, signage is key to keeping things moving along in an orderly fashion. 

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    The Perfect Sendoff

    burlap just married sign
    Feather and Stone Photography

    Once you've tied the knot and danced the night away with friends, it's time to ride off into the sunset (or at least your honeymoon) with your new spouse. This fun burlap sign from Feather and Stone Photography is a little vintage and a lot of fun. It's a great backdrop for photos and a wonderful way to bid adieu to your loved ones. 

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    Happily Ever After

    sign that says "happily ever after starts here"
    Taylor Parker Photography

    Sometimes a wedding sign exists simply for its own sake, like this adorable poster from Taylor Parker Photography. If you want something even more fun, try one of these great Dr. Seuss quotes about marriage to set a lighthearted tone for the day. 

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    A Gorgeous Menu

    wedding menu sign on copper bar
    Sarah Shreves Weddings

    Rather than spending on individual menus, create a stunning communal menu that works as decor by itself. This copper hanging menu seen on Sarah Shreves Weddings is super creative and doubles as a centerpiece for the table. 

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    Say it With Words

    best day ever sign at a wedding
    Laura Murray Photography

    Your wedding is the best day ever, so why not spell it out? This incredibly easy-to-copy idea from Laura Murray Photography is a great way to let the kid in you shine (remember those "happy birthday" banners you had as a child?) and have a little fun on your big day. 

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    DIY Your Seating Chart

    seating chart

    vinecountrysigns / Instagram

    If you have assigned seating, a chart is a must-have at your wedding. This stunning chalkboard sign from vinecountrysigns is a great way to perform the simple task of directing folks to their seats in a memorably stylish way. 

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    Focus on the Fun

    basket of flip flops and a sign

    perfectweddings_alt / Instagram

    You've done all this hard work planning a wedding—now it's time to let loose and have a little fun. We adore this flip-flop idea seen on perfectweddings_alt's Instagram, and the catchy sign that goes with it. Pair your wedding favors with a cute sign to show your guests just how much you appreciate them. 

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    An Introduction Sign

    wedding sign that says 'the allens'

    coppiceandcrafts / Instagram

    Now that you and your beau are a unit, it's time to shout it from the rooftops (or at least from your head table). This laser cutout from coppiceandcrafts is a beautiful way to reserve your bridal table and announce yourself and your new life together. 

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    Black and Gold

    black and cold wedding sign

    signedbybird / Instagram

    This classic welcome sign from signedbybird is everything we love about signs. It's beautiful but subtle, and greets guests while setting a theme for the event to come.