Top Wedding Trends for 2016

The Knot Reveals What's Trending for Weddings in 2016

Wedding Trends
Wedding Trends for 2016. Jamie Grill / Getty Images

Wedding resource magazine The Knot recently released its picks for the Top Trends in Weddings for 2016, citing technology, personalization and fun fashion statements among the hottest new waves to ride in the new year. 

According to the recent press release from The Knot, couples will be adding more unique touches and personalized elements to their weddings than ever before to make their special day really stand out.

Let's explore the list of wedding areas and the newest trends for each. 


Wedding Concierge Services

Thanks to the wealth of apps and resources online as well as the rise of boutique wedding concerige services, wedding planning is simpler than ever. If you need help planning the perfect proposal or find yourself in need of an extra bridesmaid or groomsmen to even out your lineup, or if you want someone to plan the perfect bachelorette party, there are wedding concierge services galore to help you every step along the way. You can hire a social media artist from Tweet the Bride to attend your wedding and share photos and tweets of all the action on your wedding day in real time, so you can relive the day as soon as possible, long before your professional photos come back from your photographer. Not the best with words? Hire Vow Muse to write perfectly personal wedding vows for you to best express your love.

With boutique services like these, brides can practically outsource anything they don't have the time or energy for to help make their wedding day as close to perfect as possible.

Unique Entertainment Options

Now more than ever, couples are trying to find ways to surprise and entertain their guests at their wedding receptions by hiring unique musical acts and performers.

From acapella groups to gospel choirs to marching bands, couples are choosing creative entertainment options to give their guests an experience they've never had before at a wedding. Want the entertainment to be more interactive? Consider adding a karaoke setup to your reception or after-party to keep the fun going into the late evening. 

Personalized Everything

Weddings have always been personal, but today's couples want to truly make their mark on their big day by adding incredible amounts of personalization to all the wedding details. Couples are selecting each element of their wedding day to perfectly reflect their tastes, likes, interests, and hobbies to tell their unique story to their guests in a completely custom way. These customizations take form in ways far beyond just adding monograms to decor elements; couples are adding personal details to areas like their wedding menu by choosing to serve creative versions of their favorite dishes or hiring the restaurant where they had their first date to cater the reception. They might even have a friend officiate their ceremony or have their bridal party serenade them for their first dance. More than ever before couples want their day to be a true reflection of who they are as individuals and as a couple.



Versatile Dresses and Accessories

One of the biggest bridal fashion trends is versatility. Instead of choosing two separate dresses to wear for the ceremony and reception, today's brides are opting for versatile two-in-one style dresses or removable accessories that change the look from day to night. Imagine a lace shrug or bolero that can be worn for a church ceremony, but removed for the reception, or a rhinestone sash to add extra sparkle to your evening look. More and more designers are creating dresses with detachable overlays or additions to make it easy to fake a dress switch without adding much extra cost. 

Stylish Grooms

Weddings have often been considered the bride's time to shine, but modern grooms want their moment in the spotlight, too. Grooms are choosing unique details for their wedding day attire rather than the standard tux, and are also embracing the two-different-looks trend.

Some stylish grooms are choosing to have a costume change between the ceremony and reception, option to wear a different style tie, dinner jacket or pocket square to let loose at the evening festivities.

Metallic Color Palettes

2016 is all about sparkle, shimmer and shine! Mixing metallics is encouraged, so don't be scared to throw gold, silver, gunmetal or rose gold in the mix together. The shimmery sheen will elevate any wedding day look or decor to bring a sense of luxury, even if it's done on a budget. Adding a metallic hue to your wedding color palette can be as simple as spray painting bottles gold for your centerpieces, addressing your invitations with a Gold Gel Pen, picking a glitter topper for your wedding cake, or choosing sequin bridesmaids dresses

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Multiple Bars with Unique Libations

As if one bar wasn't enough, couples are now ponying up for multiple bars for specific beverages or signature cocktails. In addition to the standard bar where beer, wine and typical mixed drinks are served, couples are springing for specialty setups for bourbon tastings, custom cocktail creations, or wine pairings. Have your satellite bartenders serve various spins on the Moscow Mule in traditional copper mugs or fruity and flavorful margaritaYou can raise the bar even more by adding decorative ice cubes, unique glassware, or elaborate presentations like fiery shooters to impress your attendees. 

Food as Flower Alternatives

Many designers are seeing an uptick in untraditional floral elements such as substituting or supplementing fresh flowers with fruits and vegetables in bouquets and centerpieces. Examples include everything from berries in the bouquet or artichokes in the table arrangements. This spin on the traditional floral decor items adds a touch of whimsy and interest to any wedding. 

Locally Sourced Food

Just like in the restaurant world, farm-to-table cuisine is a huge trend in wedding food. Wedding menus are getting fresher than ever thanks to the focus on free range and eco-conscious produce and game.

Good quality and great taste are more important than ever to today's couples and their menus will include popular "it" foods like kale or quinoa.  

A Variety of Sweet Treats

The traditional wedding cake isn't going anywhere, but for most couples it’s no longer the only dessert on their menu. We'll see everything from ice cream sundae stations, passed popsicles, miniature pies to doughnut cakes and candy sculpture creations that are almost too pretty to eat!



3-D printing 

3-D Printers are gaining popularity and can be used to create anything from completely original cake toppers to personalized cuff links for the groom. The innovative technology opens up a whole word of options for adding those extra layers of customization and personalization to just about anything a couple needs for their wedding day. Custom drink stirrers, 3-D replicas of the bride and groom, or even 3-D printed jewelry are all possible thanks to the popularity and accessibility of 3-D printing technology. 

Wedding Websites that Wow

Since so many couples are focusing on the experience for their wedding day, that includes conveying all the details to their guests with a beautifully designed wedding website. Many couples' wedding celebrations are spanning multiple days, so there's often far too much information to include on a printed invitation. That's why wedding websites are such a must to share all the plans with your loved ones. You can select a pre-designed template from any number of Wedding Website providers or consider hiring a web designer to custom code one just for you!

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